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•That Wascally Little Wirus!
•Reflections on the “Year of Abnormal”Following the EvidenceRushing to Judgment, and Fr. James Jackson, FSSPPain Retreats ~ and your AngelIt’s Okay to Discriminate, After AllBig Pharma now presents Medi-JihadGnosis ~ Light that leads into DarknessRemembering TWA Flight 800Eucharistic Coherence and Public SinTolerance CorruptedThe Lord of the Rings vs. the “Jab”A Jerry-rigged PandemicConfession: So Good for the Soul!
Living With the “Truth Fairy”
•Advent, Four Weeks to PrepareKnowledge – a poor substitute for TruthProhibition ~ 2020 StyleRelativism vs. the Future?Which is the Real Threat?Battling the Paper DragonFrom Safety towards Slavery“Scrubbing” Our HistoryWhy I don’t wear “the Mask”A Perfect Storm in AmericaA Crisis of Public SanityCovid-19: Manufacturing a Medical CrisisWhether it is Better to Obey God or MenIs the Catholic Church Biblical?The Gift of Time ~ 2020
•John 8:7 on “Casting Stones”The “New Passover” TodayDoes God Will Suffering?Connect the Dots: Violence Beget ViolenceOf Angels, God, and MenNo Greater LoveThe “Courage Deficit” that Burdens Our ChildrenWeaponizing HistoryEve & the True Meaning of "Feminism”What Good is Suffering?
•Out of IndiaA Crisis of LeadershipKilling the MockingbirdA New Age of MartyrsShepherds, or Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing?Neutrality is Not an OptionThe Abolition of ManWho’s really cooking up the Hate?Relativism ~ Truth on Shifting SandMargaret Sanger v. ‘Humanae Vitae’1968 ~ ‘Humane Vitae’ and the FamilyA Century of Sexual RevolutionA Church, “by Law Established”The Passages of TimeSacrifice in a Post-Calvinist WorldThe Elements of SacrificeSacrifice: the Mystical DialogueThe Sacrificial Imperative – Introduction
•Angels, Partners in SalvationThe Problem With DeathShocking MockingsThoughts on Luther’s ReformationLarge Numbers“Follow Me”Thoughts on Charlottesville, or It’s about Tolerance – not RaceCalm Before the StormFinding Your True IdentityHappiness Is…What Does it Mean to be Saved?The Fatima CenturyThe Seven Roads to HellThe Nature of PrayerDanger Abounds: and God ProtectsBeware of ’17A Parable on Prayer – for 2017
•Reflecting on the Electoral CollegeBread From Heaven: Is the Mass Truly Biblical?It’s Time to Turn the CornerDarwinism’s Need for a “cruel” GodSlaves to History at Georgetown UIdentity, Politics, and StuffAbortion: Good Faith or Bad?Modern Day AztecsTrying To Have It Both WaysWho am I to Judge?Back to RealityWord Without EndA True Reformation? ConclusionMomentous SignsA light to the Nations? The Problem in a NutshellThe Splendor of GodThe Game of PowerA Mormon Odyssey ~ Final ThoughtsA Mormon Odyssey: Part IIFantasy as Faith ~ A Mormon OdysseyRefugees in Crisis
•Christmas 2015An Advent of Peace ~ or War?In Thanksgiving ~ Lest We ForgetEquality ~ A Hobbesian Siren Song?A Sign of ContradictionRadicalizing Johnny / The Choice to SurrenderThe Man Behind the CurtainThe Lord of HistoryPolygamy and Feminism ~ Why Gender MattersFacts Are Not EnoughTaney’s Tainted LegacyHow Real is Your Reality?The Book Thieves“Laudate Si’s” Disturbing EchoesTolerance, a Force for Good or Evil?God and EvilObergefell ~ Dred Scott Revisited?Thoughts for a Sizzling Friday in JulyHijacked by Higher EducationJohn, Herald of the WordCountering Fuzzy ScienceThe “Nothing But” RevolutionFinding HappinessFoundations of the WorldImportance of HistoryImmortality for Sale?Gratitude
Truth: the Foundation of Progress & Freedom