Reflections on the “Year of Abnormal”

Farewell to 2021, a most difficult year in recent memory. Like it or not, we have entered a world where abnormality is set to become the new normal. 2021 was the year in which authoritarian autocrats at all levels were emboldened by the (fake) “pandemic” to publicly show their true faces of intolerance and despotic control. It’s been a year of helplessly watching the world go from mad to even madder ~ even as those maddest of hatters accusingly point their fingers at the few remaining sane ones as being the problem. The inmates have overrun the asylum!

Case in point #1 would be the mask lunacy that has become a kind of tribal rite. Even after mass delivered so-called “vaccinations” and natural or acquired immunities have been widely achieved, citizens are still bullied into covering their faces ~ no doubt as a mark of submission to their corporate and various other authoritarian overlords (like pizza clerks with an overdeveloped sense of righteousness). The mask thing has now reached the ludicrous level of medieval superstition, totally divorced from any medical evidence or rudimentary scientific logic. What these mandates really smack of is cynical leaders intentionally creating and promoting mass psychosis in order to bolster their own power. Politicians especially seem keen on replacing legislative governance with executive rule by keeping the fallacy of some life threatening “state of emergency” front and center in people’s consciousness.

2021 has had the continuous feeling of one of those disturbing dreams where you can see some oncoming train wreck bearing down on your family but you are unable to warn them or pull them out of harm’s way. It begins with a apostate Argentinian bishop posing as Pope (whose only proof of office seems to be wearing his white cassock. I guess clothes really do make the man.) This particular ecclesial impersonator demonstrated his liberal minded “inclusiveness” this year by smearing tradition minded Catholic as divisive and “clinging to the past” (although it’s a little hard to cling to the future). Their punishment is to be scorned and denied traditional forms of the sacraments, all for the unforgivable sin of being too “rigid.” However, if you would only place a pagan fertility goddesses on your parish altar, he’s okay with that.

Yet from the supposed leader of the Universal Church to the supposed leader of the free world things didn’t get much better during this grim year dominated by Covid hysteria, something almost as dear to this (anti?) Pontiff’s heart as climate change. Running the show has been a babbling unelected president who is barely coherent with the aid of teleprompters; apart from such assists his handlers are hard put to contain his unintelligible ramblings and lack of presidential decorum. But the Pope really likes this guy even if he is quite good at enabling the murder of babies. Never fear! This chief executive is ably backed up by a vice president who has yet to give a direct answer to the simplest query, inevitably responding with a nervous, hyena-like giggle, thus assuring everybody that these supposed leaders of the free world have the situation well under control. (Excepting that they can’t seem to manage securing a simple border.)

Meanwhile hundreds of loyal Americans have been rotting for months inside a D.C. gulag without bail for having the temerity last January 6 to permit themselves to be waved into the Capitol building (the “People’s House”) by law enforcement officers. Such a misdemeanor is now considered a more serious offense than looting and torching public buildings and police stations in cities like Portland and Kenosha. Of course, the disastrous military withdrawal from Kabul which left hundreds of civilian Americans stranded while handing over $90 billion worth of high tech military hardware to vicious Taliban insurgents doesn’t even deserve a cursory Congressional glance because of the real threat to our democracy comes from terroristic soccer moms and grandparents who wear MAGA hats and wave American flags.

2021 was certainly a fascinating year as we watched thousands of people in key industries and services being fired from their jobs for refusing to be injected with an untested, experimental gene therapy that is already linked to at least 20,000 deaths and countless heart and other chronic ailments. Healthy, fully vaxxed athletes are suffering blood clots, heart seizures, and various career ending after effects ~ but remember those shots are perfectly “safe,” so say the NIH and CDC “medicrats” who are pushing them like candy on first graders. Don’t bother to mention that a huge percentage of their annual budgets come directly from the Big Pharma companies (also the biggest lobbyists on Capitol Hill) who then turn around and sell their deadly “vaccines” to the very governments who are supposedly regulating these amoral pill pushers. Certainly no conflict of interest there. Just shut up and get jabbed whenever your corporate CEO or local health czar demands it.

Despite unfolding labor shortages of nurses, pilots, firemen, and other critical workers the important thing is to enforce submission to some all-knowing politician’s vaxx demands. Throw ’em out if they won’t comply, says your local Stalin wannabe! Inevitably the next step was the introduction of vaxx-passports which your friendly neighborhood autocrat is now demanding as the key to openly participate in normal social activities. No vaxx-port and you become a second class citizen. You shouldn’t even be allowed to get on a train or a plane. Apartheid is only a bad thing when other countries do it, but it’s okay to discriminate against the un-vaxxed because they deserve their “leper” status for being so intransigent as to feel they have a right to decide what gets put into their own bodies! (Where do these people get such anti-social ideas living in a free society?) As Eichmann brilliantly explained it, “You are of course free ~ i.e., free to do exactly as you’re told.”

Of course, the fact that infection rates for the Delta variant and equally “deadly” Omicron version (from which nobody seems to actually die) are as high or higher among the already vaxxed as they are for the un-vaxxed means nothing. The key to following the science is not to look too closely at the data, which only muddies the already crystal clear waters of political conformity and correctness. “Isolate the un-vaxxed” has become the mantra of the righteous vaxx mob, not noticing that even before the vaxx had appeared the social isolation imposed by the autocrats was already taking a huge toll on the population. The 2020 lockdowns contributed to a surge in drug related deaths, over 100,000 nationally for the first time in history. There was an unprecedented increase in suicides, mental depression, and an explosion of internet pornography traffic ~ all in the name of keeping people “healthy.”

If such 2021 headlines are all the new signs of “normalcy” then it is clear that the lunatics somehow got hold of the asylum keys. Recall how the crowd yammering about social justice for decades has become the party responsible for inventing new and ever more outrageous injustices to impose upon whoever disagrees with their filtered view of reality. They abuse and cancel others in their own narrow self-righteousness. They throw us “unclean” human specimens out of restaurants, libraries, churches, schools, government offices for refusing to comply with the idiocy they refer to as “public health.”

It’s time to take back our Church and our world from the self-anointed paladins who are busily turning an admittedly imperfect but once functional society into a living hell. The success or failure of 2022 may well depend on our willingness to stand up to these passive aggressive bullies and petty tyrants at every level and reclaim a true sense of social normalcy. But it won’t happen without fortitude and a stomach for the fight. I don’t know about you, but I never want to repeat a 2021 again ~ so when you encounter nonsense and stupidity, RESIST! And a blessed New Year to you all.

Francis J. Pierson a.m.d.g.

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