Foundations of the World

Living near the Rocky Mountains one can hardly fail to be impressed by the grandeur of creation. Such a locale also stimulates the mind’s curiosity about those imposing, silent leviathans arrayed like so many silent sentinels gazing upon the passage of countless centuries.The story of earth itself lies hidden beneath those craggy outcrops. Geologists tell us that the Rockies are mere upstarts relative to earth’s overall history. Only about 70 million years have elapsed since they began to emerge from a Cretaceous era sea called the Western Interior Seaway, at a time when Thunder Lizards (dinosaurs) still roamed the lush tropical landscape Continue reading

Importance of History

Every single one of us has a history inherited from a family, grandparents, our nationality, etc. But it seems that too many people today take the short view of history. It ends where their personal memories end. Educators sometimes unwittingly protract this problem by too often stressing the future while shortchanging the importance of the past. Granted, education should prepare one for the future, but it is equally important to remind students that there is no such thing as a future without the past that leads up to it. In short, it is impossible to know where we are going if we don’t know where we’ve already been. Continue reading

Immortality for Sale?

The Washington Post recently reported that a number of tech pioneers such as Google, Pay Pal, Facebook, eBay and other giants of Silicon Valley are plowing billions into biomedical research hoping to dramatically extend human life spans. Apparently these high-tech Ponce de Leons are on the prowl for their own 21st century “fountain of youth.” Although such a chimerical quest might provide amusement to those of us more pragmatically inclined, the fact is that a number of high-tech gurus are “dead serious” (pun intended) about defeating the ravages of aging and death, in their own lifetimes if possible.

Google’s Sergey Brin, for instance, has apparently donated $150 million for gene modification research, Continue reading


Nothing rounds out one’s personality like the spirit of gratitude. Gratitude, like optimism, changes our whole outlook on life for the better. Fittingly, the very word “gratitude” rhymes with “attitude” because gratitude is an attitude which becomes essential to human happiness and well being. But gratitude is not an easy habit to cultivate, especially in a free society such as ours. Not that freedom itself is antithetical to gratitude. In fact, freedom is the strongest inducement to be grateful to the God who first gave us freedom. Not all peoples possess the precious liberties that we Americans enjoy and that fact alone should inspire one to a sense of profound gratitude.

Today, however, our country seems to be losing that once vibrant sense of gratitude to God which long served as a hallmark of our national identity and character. Continue reading