Mark Twain famously remarked, “Man is the only animal that blushes… or needs to.” Trudging through all the spin, hype, and doublespeak routinely fobbed off as factual truth these days, I am therefore amazed that blushing has not surpassed football as our most popular national pass-time. My own candid observation: Truth isn’t a headline, it is the fruit of careful and patient cultivation.

    Our mission at Abiding Truth is to set the record straight about many things happening in our world but also in our personal lives. While we may present guest blogs from time to time, our principal blogger, Francis J. Pierson, is an erstwhile literary hack with three plus decades in trade publishing. Although a bit shy around newer technologies (i.e. anything invented after Sputnik), he was finally convinced by his tech-savvy wife and friends to finally dip his big toe into digital media (of course, if you want to read his books you will still need to beg, steal, or borrow a hard copy. See piersonworks.com) Mr. Pierson possesses that most disconcerting habit of making simultaneously erratic yet erudite observations, and often within one single loquacious declaration.

    Also, don’t be too surprised if you find Pierson’s perspective to be unapologetically Christian. But don’t be overly alarmed by such stridency! He is no more than 50% pure virgin reactionary (consisting of all-natural ingredients). For him, faith is not some pie-in-the-sky affair but a real, down to earth dimension of one’s everyday life. He firmly believes that faith should be supported by solid, factual reasoning. In short, we need to have one foot planted firmly on this earth, and the other firmly in heaven. Thus the primary focus of Abiding Truth will be to illuminate those enduring truths about God, about ourselves, and about this world we live in ~ and the next one as well by looking at all the evidence, spiritual and physical, in the twin lights of faith and of reason.

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