Fantasy as Faith ~ A Mormon Odyssey

Mark Twain famously joked about the Mormons, “Their beliefs are singular ─ but their wives are plural.” Since Twain’s day though, mainstream Mormons have officially renounced polygamy (as a necessary condition of statehood back in 1896). But one can still strongly make the case that the beliefs of the Latter Day Saints remain quite singular, one might even say fantastic. I will get into more specific details presently, but first it may help to explore the idea of fantasy as faith, an American phenomenon which is in no way intended to cast dispersion on denizens of the Beehive State. In fact most tenets of the Mormon religion are surprisingly rational when set against many newer cultish practices, both secular and religious, that have proliferated since the advent of the 20th century. Continue reading

Refugees in Crisis

This column attempts to avoid engaging in political topics in order to focus on the truth of Christianity. That is why I hesitate to tread into the contentious topic of immigration which has become so politically charged lately. But there is a particular subset of immigration policy that I believe has clear moral dimensions, aside from purely political considerations, which is the refugee question.

Refugees are a special type of immigrant ~ not of their own making but forced to migrate elsewhere under the compulsion of war, persecution, even hostile governments. For that reason all Christians should have a special compassion for their plight. In fact, we must remember that Christ himself, as a mere infant, became a refugee and was forced to flee into Egypt. In that sense he became the blessed type and patron of all refugees. Continue reading