Trying To Have It Both Ways

Even as contemporary society spirals ever downward into its obligatory culture of self worship, one absurdity constantly attempts to trump another. Consider the whole transgender uproar which vividly epitomizes the ludicrous state of the current political correctness narrative. When, for many people, rocks and trees begin to look like sensible alternatives to using a public restroom, you can be sure that someone has flipped the sanity switch to “off.”

So ask yourself this simple question. “How is it that sexual orientation is not treated as a viable “choice,” and yet choosing one’s gender is?” Continue reading

Who am I to Judge?

It seems these days that moral outrage is able to muster only the feeblest of responses, perhaps because outrageous behavior has become so commonplace we have come to expect it. Just recently a high profile Catholic, who also happens to be our nation’s vice-president, publicly officiated at a “gay wedding” in willful contempt of the clear and explicit teachings of his own Catholic faith. Any response from the American bishops has been largely muted if one discounts a bland, vanilla statement issued by the USCCB which passively recommended that it might not hurt to pray for our public officials. It would seem that even bishops are no longer willing to call out egregious public scandal by a prominent Catholic figure for what it is for fear of being labelled as “judgmental.”

Modern society has developed a severe case of “judgment phobia” which insists that no one is ever allowed to judge another’s actions. Continue reading