Trying To Have It Both Ways

Even as contemporary society spirals ever downward into its obligatory culture of self worship, one absurdity constantly attempts to trump another. Consider the whole transgender uproar which vividly epitomizes the ludicrous state of the current political correctness narrative. When, for many people, rocks and trees begin to look like sensible alternatives to using a public restroom, you can be sure that someone has flipped the sanity switch to “off.”

So ask yourself this simple question. “How is it that sexual orientation is not treated as a viable “choice,” and yet choosing one’s gender is?” The former is said to be to be compelled by nature itself while the latter claims absolute freedom to overturn nature’s decree. Contrary to credible scientific evidence, influential gay lobbyists boldly assert that homosexuality is genetically determined, i.e., biology alone decides one’s orientation. At the same time transgender apologists argue the exact opposite. “Despite irrefutable biological apparatus, I alone get to choose what gender I really am.”

But can you really have it both ways and hope to maintain any logical consistency? By insisting that biology has no final say in determining one’s gender, we can hardly accuse that same biology of willfully imposing same sex attraction on others. Maybe nature simply forgot to provide a third, perhaps necessary, category to accommodate those free spirits who bristle at rigid social conventions in the form of restrictive restrooms. In that case it should become one’s duty to correct nature’s failings, right? So let it be written henceforth that all restroom options must include Men, Women, and the “Bruce Gender.”

Of course, every Target store will need to add a third restroom identified, appropriately, with a large Question Mark. (And does the “?” symbol also entitle those Unitarians in good standing, or even sitting I suppose, to use the “inclusive” facilities. I hope they don’t mind sharing, but then Unitarians never have seemed to mind.) Perhaps our Federal powers that be could then rest easy and retire from imposing silly, petty mandates concerning bathroom usage that only undermine public sensibilities. Imagine countless bureaucrats freed up to return to more stately, and important, functions ─ such as paying exorbitant amounts of money to hostile foreign governments for the return of our citizens.

Did I earlier use the word LUDICROUS? That is precisely what ensues when an entrenched cadre of overly-specialized elites presumes upon itself to do all the thinking for everyone else. Unfortunately, our civic life may have already attained that dubious distinction of a perfectly ludicrous state of existence. That more tolerable brand of old fashioned economic liberalism from the past is long in its grave, I fear. Today’s version of “Alice in Wonderland” is a society over-run by the new order of “happy-face” Nazis, grimly insisting that everyone either share their doctrines of diversity and enforced equality (and show a little enthusiasm, please) or risk being branded as incurable social lepers to be forever shunned.

And while these all-knowing technocrats busy themselves doling out all sorts of new-found “rights” to aggrieved minorities or victims of alleged intolerance, they rarely stop to consider that extending some newfound right to one favored faction necessitates the infringing upon someone else’s prior right (the right to free association, for example). Progressive utopian elites apparently love to dispense the rights of other people almost as much as they enjoy dispensing other people’s money ~ meaning the disposition of your rights and your property. The resultant nanny state is consequently founded upon the principle of large scale redistribution, not only of wealth and personal liberty, but of common sense as well.

Remember that beloved paragon of American common sense, Will Rogers? I imagine that if Will were still with us today he would frame the current situation something like this. “If your plumbing ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it, ‘cause things just might end up smelling a whole lot worse if you do.” The real problem with today’s transgender and gay activists, social engineers, ACLU, etc. isn’t broken plumbing. The real problem is that their circuit boards need a thorough re-wiring.

Fran Pierson   + a.m.d.g.

1 thought on “Trying To Have It Both Ways

  1. Fran this is an excellent piece. You are so pragmatic as you unapologetically tackle major issues of today.

    Your book ‘Word Without End’ is outstanding! I am currently reading it. Much like this blog, it is helping me rethink things that I know and learn things that I don’t.

    Whether you know it or not you are a faith coach. Its a daily battle…you’ve got to grind, grind, grind at that grindstone! Please keep up the good work.


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