The Fall of Rome ~ Part II

History moves in a circular motion. The old civil / military Roman Empire was a power which disintegrated in the 5th century mostly from internal rot and corruption. In the vacuum left behind there arose a new kind of Ecclesial Roman Empire. We know it today as the Roman Catholic Church. But, like its predecessor, this ecclesial empire is on the verge of crumbling, again mostly from the effects of internal corruption. Granted, throughout the intervening centuries it has threatened to topple more than once, beset by mismanagement and even moral corruption, yet it is still with us, undoubtedly through Divine support and assistance. But the present crisis is acute and alarming as any that Ecclesial Rome has ever had to face to date. It seems many in the highest echelons of the Church’s leadership have decided to align themselves with the Freemasonic secular globalist agenda, even to the point of persecuting their own clerics who remain faithful to the Church’s most long-held traditions.

The following is excerpted from my recent follow up essay on Masonic Illuminism (which I will shortly post in its entirety) entitled: Masonic Illuminism ~ “Elites” Waging War on Humanity; on Religion; on your Family. Please read this section, and share widely with your friends and family, concerning the subtle attack on the historic Faith of our Fathers at the hands of “progressive” theologians such as Karl Rahner, beginning back in the 1960s. If we are not aware of a threat we cannot intelligently oppose it and, following the example of our neighbors and great patriotic Canadian truckers, this fight cannot wait till another day.

Taken from Masonic Illuminism, Part 3 ~ Illuminism’s Final Assault

Renowned theologian Dietrich von Hildebrand rightly notes that (Rahner’s) ambiguity (regarding Communism, Freemasonry, etc.) is less an error than an outright deception which only gives the impression of sharing common ground. He goes on to observe, “Such a misrepresentation of the facts leads not to dialogue, but rather to a wishful (and dangerous) minimizing of the differences between Christianity and Communism… The ambiguous use of terms by (such) Catholics, therefore, only serves Communist propaganda and spreads confusion among Catholics themselves.”

One byproduct of this flawed Rahnerian logic, which views any persons of goodwill as “anonymous Christians,” was Sacrosanctum Concilium, the 1963 Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, whose principle effect was to de-sacralize the liturgy in order to broaden its appeal to non-Catholics. “The rite of the Mass is to be revised… that devout and active participation by the faithful may be more easily achieved. For this purpose the rites are to be simplified, due care being taken to preserve their substance; elements which, with the passage of time, came to be duplicated or were added with but little advantage, are now to be discarded.”

Though few Catholics realized it at the time, the Mass became a pawn in a religious culture war meant to transform the entire Church. Most critically, the distinction between the natural and supernatural orders was blurred in the liturgy which, for Freemasons, was a spectacular coup. The traditional Mass is the most perfect expression of supernatural realities that can be experienced by humans. Freemasonry is pure naturalism, therefore a religion that claims to bring the supernatural down to an earthly level is an existential threat to it. The ancient Mass clearly articulated our supernatural destiny, even providing a foretaste of it in the Eucharist. To Freemasonry this supernatural connection was intolerable, and so its allies inside the Church swung into action.

The first “relics” to be discarded were the beautiful opening Psalm 42, Judica Me (Judge me O God), “I will go up to the altar of God, The God who gives joy to my youth,” and the sublime prologue to St. John’s Gospel known as the Last Gospel. The Leonine prayers after the Mass, specifically formulated by Pope Leo XIII in response to the Freemasonic assault on Holy Church were also purged. In other words, preparing oneself to humbly approach God’s altar (now conveniently demoted to a table), meditating on the sublime reality of Christ’s Incarnation after receiving him Eucharistically, and imploring God’s protection from Satan’s furious assault on his very Church had, by 1965, become antiquated customs with but little advantage and which needed to be discarded.

But that was only the first salvo to be fired against piety and tradition. The vernacular quickly displaced Latin in Mass prayers and the Divine Office. By 1967 freestanding altars with the priest facing the congregation became the norm, rubrics were “dumbed down,” and altar rails vanished. In 1970 a revised Novus Ordo was introduced which all but “Lutheranized” the ancient Catholic liturgy. The sacrificial nature of the Paschal Supper was camouflaged under bland, banal texts. Communicants no longer knelt to receive Our Lord. Indults for the reception of Communion in the hand quickly followed. And the chief architect for this willful deconstruction of an ancient 1,400 year old rite was one Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, a reputed Freemason.

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi ─ As you pray so will you believe. If you change the way people pray you will change what they believe. Perhaps this explains why in most Catholic churches today it only takes mili-seconds after the end of Mass for the sanctuary to break into a low roar of casual conversation: or why upwards of 70% of Catholics believe that the Eucharist is only a symbol, not the True Presence of Christ. Ill considered revisions minimized the Mass’ transcendent and supernatural qualities, instead giving it a naturalistic, humanistic feeling. All the dignity and decorum of the ancient Mass fell away. As the priest awkwardly turned his back to Our Lord in the tabernacle the sanctuary devolved into a performance stage and every Mass became a floor show. With all the showmanship, the drums and guitars, an open sanctuary flooded with lay ministers there was little room left for awe, reverence, or silence.

The Church still spoke about supernatural things but its deformed, watered down liturgy did not express these in a credible way. Instead it worked hard to bring the timeless sacrificial ritual of the Mass so very “down to earth” that most people lost any sense of the supernatural. Consequently many Catholics forgot established habits of reverence which, Hildebrand says, “can be rightly called the mother of all virtues.” Scripture teaches us, “The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom.” (Ps 111:10) To fear God is to hold him, and all that he has created, in reverential awe, not in casual familiarity. Sunday Mass attendance plummeted from over 75% pre-Vatican II to somewhere below 25% today. Meanwhile, Freemasons could chuckle at just how artfully Brother Bugnini succeeded in reforming the Catholic liturgy.

Dr. von Hildebrand well observed, “In an unfortunate though well intentioned desire to make the sphere of religion familiar to us, to bring it close to the people, he (the modern liturgist) translates the sublime, supernatural world into trite terms that undermine discretio and reverence. Instead of following the pattern of the liturgy, which approaches divine things with words filled with an atmosphere of sublime reverence, elevating us above our own pettiness, drawing us into the lumen Christi, appealing to a sursum corda (lift up your hearts) on our part, he speaks about divine things, as it were, in slang.”

Instead of bringing the people closer to the supernatural mysteries, that vaunted 1960s “pastoral council” quickly ushered in a new wave of iconoclasm as both churches and liturgy were stripped bare (following the same historical pattern as the Protestant Reformation). The main point of attack by the modernists was the Mass itself because, as Alice von Hildebrand explained, “The devil hates the ancient Mass because it is the most perfect reformulation of all the teachings of the Church,” adding, “The ancient Mass does not abide irreverence, and that is why so many priests were just happy to see it go.” In its demise clerical laxism thrived, quickly emptying countless pews, rectories, and convents. As in Luther’s day it was the clergy leading the charge against tradition, all the while tearing down from within the very things that had checked and frustrated the demonic and Illuminist enemies of God for centuries.

This should not be surprising once one realizes that the insiders doing the damage were, in many cases, actual (Masonic) lodge members. The warnings of too many popes from Pope Clement XII to Pius XII had gone unheeded. Dietrich von Hildebrand, whom Pius XII called “a 20th century Doctor of the Church” was greatly distraught by the heterodox ideas beginning to spill out from the Council. On June 21, 1965 he and his wife Alice met with Pope Paul VI. She relates that as Dietrich pleaded with the Pope to condemn the heresies that were already spilling out the Pope kept impatiently interjecting, “Write it down.”

It was clear that the Holy Father was feeling very uncomfortable. Their audience lasted only a few minutes. After putting his concerns into document form, von Hildebrand delivered it to the Pope that September, during the Council’s last session. Some time later Paul VI confided to von Hildebrand’s nephew that he had read it carefully but found it a bit harsh. Alice said, “the reason was obvious: my husband had humbly requested a clear condemnation of heretical statements.” Perhaps von Hildebrand’s efforts were not entirely without effect, however, for when the Council closed a few months later on Dec. 8, 1965 Pope Paul VI added a surprising disclaimer. “The Magesterium of the Church did not wish to pronounce itself under the form of dogmatic pronouncements.” For the first time in its history, a Pope declared that an approved Church Council had made no dogmatic assertions! The Pope later clarified this remarkable admission, stating that the Council, “has avoided proclaiming in an extraordinary manner any dogma carrying the mark of infallibility.”

Here I skip ahead a few pages to bring the discussion to the present day.

Fifty years later the Church is once again reeling from a crisis, and the human face of that crisis is Jorge Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis. But Francis is not an anomaly or a maverick who lately pranced onto the scene, rather he is the product of a modernist culture that traces directly back to Vatican II. He represents the new ecclesial zeitgeist which is unabashedly Hegelian and whose cavalier indifferentism is trumpeted as “charity.” But it is a false charity that simply offers comfy platitudes in the face of souls veering precipitously toward the fires of hell. His only ire is reserved for all those “rigid” Catholics drawn to the Mass of the Ages. Bergoglio’s primary mission appears to be merging Christ’s Church with a Masonic New World Order / Great Reset, equivalent to Tielhard Chardin’s Christ-Omega point where all consciousness is absorbed into one giant (global) super-consciousness.

Today the Church is witnessing the bitter fruit of the Hegelian Illuminist putsch from the 1960s. Professor von Hildebrand explains this phenomenon. “Whenever man becomes lost in errors God gives him a certain period of respite. While consuming the paternal heritage the prodigal son could live on it for a certain time. But after a while the heritage is exhausted… In the long run, man does not remain inconsistent: what is professed in theory necessarily becomes at a certain moment an informing factor in man’s lived attitude.” The theoretical worlds we choose to construct in our minds will eventually become the practical world we must live in. The bad news is: our time is about up, (meaning we have nearly exhausted the spiritual and cultural capital bequeathed to us by former generations of Catholics).

Perhaps it takes a Jorge Bergoglio, whether as Pope or an anti-Pope only God knows for certain, to make Catholics realize in retrospect the dangerous practices Vatican II loosed on the Church and world. For 30 odd years under Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI we were able to bask in a Catholic comfort zone, reassured by Benedict’s “Hermeneutic of Continuity” that the ship would right itself. Francis has thoroughly dashed the illusion, however, with his relentless war on Catholic tradition and even doctrine. His most recent attack on monastic life, Cor Orans egregiously violates the long established principle of subsidiarity by forcing independent monastic communities to submit to hostile visitations, join so-called “federations,” even alter their rules to please Vatican bureaucrats. Worse, this top down power grab undermines the authority of abbots and local bishops. But a global world order needs to have a global world Church, both with their streamlined channels of authority. In short, legitimate authorities are to be replaced by illegitimate authoritarianism.

Add to that Francis’ edict Traditionis Custodis meant to reign in Pope Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum which granted all priest an absolute right to celebrate the Mass of the Ages. Benedict had shockingly affirmed that the 1962 Roman Missal promulgated by Pope St. John XXIII was never abrogated, noting that St. Gregory the Great, “ordered that the form of the Sacred Liturgy, both of the Sacrifice of the Mass and the divine Office, as celebrated in Rome, should be defined and preserved.” Benedict explains, “In this way the Sacred Liturgy, celebrated according to the Roman usage, enriched the faith and piety, as well as the culture of numerous peoples.” Well, if after 14 centuries you can’t actually kill the ancient Roman Rite you can at least tie it up in legal knots and this is exactly what Bergoglio’s intentions appear to be.

Bergoglio is the present day tornado sweeping through the Church; the final piece in the Vatican II puzzle; the wonder-child of the St. Gallen Mafia. His interests seem to align more with geo-politics than with faithful conservation of the Body of Christ. After delegating the infamous sexual predator Theodore McCarrick to broker a secret 2018 accord which callously sacrificed loyal Chinese Catholics to Communist persecution, the Vatican is reputedly receiving enormous cash payments (bribes) in return for its diplomatic silence. Going far beyond burning a pinch of incense to the gods, Bergoglio even enshrines a pagan deity on the very altar above the tomb of St. Peter! Such de facto idolatry doesn’t seem to phase Francis. Without a doubt Ecclesial Freemasonry has metastasized and become a cancer eating away at the Church’s most vital organs.

According to former Papal Nuncio Carlo Maria Vigano, “Bergoglio never misses an opportunity to give proof of his perfect coherence with the plan of the New World Order, beginning with the collaboration of Vatican commissions and dicasteries with environmentalism of a Malthusian matrix, and their participation in the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, a global alliance with the Rothschilds, the Rockefeller Foundation, and large banks. We realize that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is carrying out the task entrusted to him by the globalist elite, which wants him to be the liquidator of the Catholic Church and the founder of a philanthropic and ecumenical sect of Masonic inspiration that is meant to constitute the Universal Religion in support of the New Order.”

Archbishop Vigano concludes: “Hoping to build a world government in which the Divine Kingship of Jesus Christ is outlawed is insane and blasphemous, and no one who has such a plan will ever succeed. Where Christ reigns, peace, harmony, and justice reign; where Christ does not reign, Satan is a tyrant. Let us turn to Christ, Christ who is the King of hearts, of families, of societies, and of nations. Let us proclaim him as Our King and Mary Most Holy as Our Queen. Only in this way can the wicked project of the New World Order be defeated. Only in this way can the Holy Church be purified of traitors and renegades. And may God listen to our prayer.”

Francis J. Pierson +a.m.d.g.

Below is a link to Archbishop Vigano’s moving video on Remnant TV pleading for a return in the Church to tradition and sanity. I highly recommend viewing it.

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