A Crisis of Public Sanity

What constitutes a true National Emergency? Lately it seems that faulty computer models emanating out of the NIH are sufficient justification for turning our daily lives into paroxysms of reactionary fear worthy of Chicken Little. All this induced anxiety seems to be the new normal as Big Data imposes its iron will upon every aspect of our formerly peaceful lives. We’ve become so comfortable with “virtual realities” that we are now apparently well primed for “virtual catastrophes” such as the corona virus pandemic. But have the American people by and large made a “Faucian” deal with the devil, willingly trading away their most valued freedoms for some illusory “safe place” to hide out in the current crisis? I fear that for today’s Americans the distinction between risk management and crisis management has become hopelessly blurred so that the faintest amount of risk is now posed as a definitive crisis. I would call such a trade-off not a crisis of public health but of public sanity.

The media has played no small part in this unfolding hoax. What they initially presented to us as a serious public health threat has turned out to be an entirely different thing: a crisis of public sanity. I say that because after eight long weeks of endless data pouring in it should be obvious by now to any unbiased observer that this novel corona virus, engineered in a Chinese bio-weapons lab, is hardly any more virulent than any other common flu strain. And yet people are wandering about looking like zombies with half their faces missing (behind a mask). They are forbidden to go to work, stand close enough to chat, or eat their lunch in a public outdoor space. They cannot attend Church services or visit their local pub or flower boutique, though they can still purchase “essential items such as liquor and marijuana!

This thing is not the Black Plague, which killed a third to half the population in its path ─ far from it. To date, the figures for this particular corona virus indicate a mortality rate for healthy persons to be in the 1:100,000 range. And for those at higher risk, Dr. Vladimir Zelenka at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York City has shown this virus to be highly treatable in 98% of cases using available drugs, and without resorting to extreme interventions. Is this the systemic threat to human survival for which we have turned our entire world upside down? If such a disproportionate response does not represent a crisis of public sanity then I don’t know what qualifies.

Worse, this bubbling cauldron of irrational, media induced hysteria is global in scope. One example: India with some 1.3 billion people has thus far recorded about 1,000 deaths (a 1:1,300,000 ratio) from the virus, yet their government has locked down all public transit and stranding millions of Indians far away from their families, homes, and jobs. The real pandemic has been the loss of jobs, affecting the most vulnerable who are also impacted the hardest. And yet two months into this worldwide lockdown of commerce, un-backed by any real data to justify such draconian measures, it appears that most authorities grossly overreacted, hurting millions if not billions of people in the process. Undeterred, their official reaction seems to be more of the same, “It’s not safe yet to return to normal life.” So beholden are today’s politicians to the mass media narrative that, even when faced with the obvious truth, they are too afraid to act to relieve the needless sufferings imposed on ordinary people.

People have both a basic need and a fundamental right to work in order to sustain themselves and their families. To arbitrarily deny that most sacred right is certainly immoral and most likely even criminal. And yet, entrenched global actors are using mass media to cause panic and inflict severe economic damage, and for what purpose? Advancing some political agenda? This is no different than committing aggressive acts of war against a civilian population.

Many reasonable doctors have by now gone public to inform us about the real nature of this corona virus ─ and their advice has little to do with wearing face masks or locking people down in isolation cells. Public spirited MDs like Drs. Knut Wittkowski and Martin Dubrave are saying just the opposite. Healthy people need to be out and about, going to work, mingling in restaurants because this is how the herd immunities which neutralize any virus are developed. It is only those who are at high risk due to underlying health problems who need to be isolated. Vitamin D, from sunshine, is essential along with vitamins A and C which all work to build healthy immune systems. Eat your fruits and vegetables; send your children to school and out to play to strengthen their immune systems. The body is our best doctor after all. No one who is not already immune compromised should be sheltering indoors during the pandemic say these straight-talking physicians.

So why are public authorities and the medi-crats from the WHO, the NIH, and CDC telling us just the opposite? Why are candid MDs such as Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, who give out sensible advice based upon studying months of actual data, being censored by Big Tech behemoths like Google? Why are they branded as irresponsible and dangerous by the mass media establishment? This pandemic has all the markings of a “false flag” crisis being used to foment and exploit a deeper economic crisis. We are being told to watch the sky falling, and that it will continue to fall, even as our economic life is being squeezed out from under our feet. This is a classic pincer strategy, and those who question their “big squeeze” are viciously accused by mainstream media of threatening public health.

But in the end this induced economic crisis can only benefit Silicon Valley, its political minions, and Big Pharma at the expense of countless small businesses, entrepreneurs, and ordinary wage earners. This pandemic will inevitably lead to an enormous transfer of wealth and power into the pockets of the soulless, deep state oligarchs. But far worse, it has already facilitated the transfer of certain basic rights and freedoms such as the free engagement in commerce, unhindered worship, and the right to freely associate without government oversight. Ought those precious rights be handed over to the whimsical diktats of self-interested politicians and unelected medi-crats? If so this pandemic has already morphed from a (supposed) health crisis into a crisis of sanity by any measure of reason. A police state imposed for “public health” reasons is hardly any different from the one imposed for political reasons. And we are already standing precariously on that dangerous doorstep.

Francis J. Pierson     a.m.d.g.

Also, search online links to more revealing videos by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and Dr. Rashid Buttar

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