Covid-19: Manufacturing a Medical Crisis

    It is painful being forced to witness the current sabotaging of our entire national economy at the hands of ambitious politicians bedazzled by Big Pharma charlatans and their junk science, epitomized by Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH and fellow “narrative” players from the progressive “deep state.” In fact, what is a rather ordinary outbreak of a corona virus, such as we have seen before, has led this time to the draconian shutdown of normal civic and economic life, throwing millions or ordinary people out of work and depriving millions of believers of their most fundamental right to worship.
    I believe we are now experiencing the most massive example of medical fraud in human history. I make this charge confidently based upon the findings of experts who study viruses, epidemics, and immune systems. Additionally I have been tracking my own set of data on the Covid-19 virus outbreak. (What else is there to do?) What my numbers strongly suggest over the past month is that this virus is not nearly so threatening as it was forecast to be by the NIH, CDC and other public health agents whose early predictions seem calculated to incite the maximum levels of panic and alarm.

    Those predictions of two to four million deaths were both reckless and grossly inflated, and nowhere resembling the 30,000 deaths related to this virus that have been reported to date. Even that fractional number does not take into account pre-existing underlying health issues such as heart conditions, smoking, diabetes, and pulmonary problems. In other words, many deaths being reported as caused by the Covid-19 virus may in fact have other, more serious underlying causes, but official figures do no reflect this reality.
    Meanwhile, due to any number of variables: testing positive absent any actual
symptoms, unreported mild symptoms, infected persons who otherwise show no symptoms, plus those millions of untested people, the number of reported Covid-19 cases is likely a mere fraction of actual transmissions. This is actually good news, however, because it means that, while flying blissfully under the CDC radar, countless people’s auto-immune systems are working just fine. Respected immunologists say is that the quicker a virus can spread through the general
population the faster it will die off. In other words exposure is a good thing overall because the more people who are exposed with little or no reaction, the more the virus’ ability to thrive is reduced.
    This is referred to as “herd immunity.” For instance, only today I read about 122 co-workers who all tested positive for Covid-19, yet not one of them required hospitalization. In other words, their auto-immune systems were doing exactly what they are supposed to do. The media on the other hand likes to put up dire figures that X thousand new cases were reported today as proof that we are being decimated by some killer virus against which we are helpless.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. Such figures are only meant to scare people because most of us simply don’t understand that air born viruses are not like bubonic plague. They typically run their course through a population in a matter of weeks ─ if allowed to do so freely ─ and then disappear. Which is why isolating healthy people during an epidemic such as the current one is exactly the wrong thing to do according to immunologists such as Dr. Martin Dubravec and Dr. Knut Wittkowski. Those more at risk such as the elderly may require social distancing, but closing the schools is the worst possible option. According to Dr. Wittkowski this idea of “flattening the curve” through social isolation is preposterous. All that does is to extend the epidemic into a longer time frame. Any virus has to work its way through the general population. That is the nature of viruses.
    The key is to protect the most vulnerable (primarily the elderly and immune compromised) while it runs its natural course. Imagine a ball of hamburger. If you flatten it out it simply spreads over a larger surface area. The same is true in any air born viral epidemic. Slow it down from its normal projectory and it will take much longer to run its normal course. But in the end it will affect the same number of people. Most will recover and a very small few will die, usually in the range of 1% to 2% of those cases showing symptoms.
    That brings us to death rates, which as noted above are probably being over stated regarding the current epidemic. This is because of how the deaths can be reported, using standards that can vary even from state to state or county to county. In reality, underlying medical conditions have more to do with mortality than the virus itself. For example WHO (World Health Organization) allows that someone who dies from pneumonia or a heart attack to be counted as a Covid-19 fatality, not based on a positive diagnosis, but merely because a related symptoms seemed to be present. Yet a fever can be attributable to countless health conditions, not simply Covid-19. More important, did the patient already suffer from emphysema, heart problems, or pulmonary disease?
    This may explain why reported death rates as a percentage of population vary so widely even for the United States. For instance, New York City is showing a Covid-19 related death rate of almost 1 person per 1,000 residents but in neighboring Fairfield County, CT the death rate is only 0.3 per 1,000 and in upstate Buffalo it’s around 0.1 per 1,000. Go to Texas and the Covid-19 death rate drops to 0.01 per 1,000 ─ a mere 1% of what is being reported in New York! Admittedly there are more overall cases in New York than Texas, but not by a factor of 100:1.
    Why is it then that New York City, the epicenter of the mainstream media establishment, also has the largest number of reported cases and deaths by far? A single metro area in fact has been reporting approximately half of all cases and fatalities for the entire United States! This is very curious especially as its denser population works in favor of the “herd immunity” that Dr. Dubravec says, “we should promote.., not try to stop.” And how many of those deaths are demonstrably Covid-19 fatalities as compared to those that may be only tangentially or hypothetically related to the virus? Are deaths from other medical causes being tallied on a different ledger sheet to help drive the “crisis” narrative that the media has been hyping for the past two months? The old canard, “what happens in Peoria is local news but what happens in New York is global,” may well be driving much of the hysteria and panic elsewhere. Could this be related to the fact that New York has more hungry journalists per acre than anywhere else on earth? And sensationalism is ultimately what gets your story published over the other guy’s.
    Another curious anomaly about this particular epidemic: Why are all the political insiders insisting that a simple virus, which to date has killed fewer than half the number that the swine flue did in 2010, is reason enough to lock down whole populations, suspend basic civil liberties, and stretch out an epidemic that would have run its course by now if they had simply left things alone? The 1918 Spanish flu killed 500,000 Americans in a population of less than 1/3 of today’s. This is not the first, nor will it be the last corona virus outbreak we have seen, but the huge economic damage that has already been inflicted, especially upon small business and wage earners, is incalculable.
    Or is this just another political attempt to get rid of a president whom the progressive left loathes? Left wing comedian Bill Maher is reported to have quipped, “We need to destroy this economy in order to get rid of Donald Trump.” The clear implication in his remark speaks volumes about the chattering classes’ presumed superiority over the rest of us. And if the after effects of all the resultant financial carnage falls heaviest on those “deplorables” who elected Trump in the first place, so much the better.
    So if you want to beat this corona virus thing take the good doctor’s advice. Get your vitamins A and C daily plus plenty of sunlight (Vitamin D). Nor would it hurt to deluge your state governors with protests over their high-handed disregard for your civil liberties. The virus will die off in its normal course and life should return to normal, the sooner the better, if only the heavy-handed bureaucrats would allow it. To date this phony crisis has already cost the taxpayers $2 trillion not counting an even bigger hit to workers, small businesses, and the national GDP. Many stores and restaurants summarily closed down to protect “public health” may never reopen. Expect J. C. Penney and Neiman Marcus to be the next retail icons to disappear while Amazon cries big crocodile tears. The IMF is now predicting 10.4% unemployment which it says presents a very serious threat to the stability of the global financial system.
    Beyond the economic tsunami being unleashed by our politicians, I worry greatly about the social control precedents that are now being set. If every new virus that happens along our path is going to become another “Burning of the Reichstag” excuse for Medic-Nazis to implement their Big Pharma “mandatory vaccine” police state we are in huge trouble. Already the big winners in this engineered crisis have been the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook ─ all the ones who don’t need more money, power, market share, etc. but will exploit any “crisis” (i.e., opportunity) to get it anyway. They are not alone. Big Statist Government is also cleaning up here along with its pharmaceutical pals, all at the expense of your civil and religious liberties.
    So it turns out the insider elites didn’t need a war, invasion, or terror attack to turn on the full police state apparatus, just a tiny little synthetic virus, compliments of their ever dependable Chinese Communist Party sidekicks. In the end this is not about your keeping social distance but about their keeping social control, and that should concern every freedom loving person.
Francis J. Pierson   4/16/20    a.m.d.g.

1 thought on “Covid-19: Manufacturing a Medical Crisis

  1. “According to Dr. Wittkowski this idea of “flattening the curve” through social isolation is preposterous. All that does is to extend the epidemic into a longer time frame. Any virus has to work its way through the general population. That is the nature of viruses.”

    Spreading the cases over a longer time frame is what flattening the curve is all about; it was never about stopping people from getting it.


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