A Jerry-rigged Pandemic

Christ is Risen, Alleluia! He is truly Risen, Alleluia, Alleluia!! It has been some time since I lasted posted a blog because I was totally absorbed in finishing my latest pamphlet called “Masonic ILLUMINISM ~ A Luciferian Revolution.” It is basically an expose concerning a master plan for world domination that has been grinding down Christianity (all too successfully) over the past three centuries. I highly recommend you read it to better understand the truly diabolical sources of what we are now witnessing in today’s world. Just e-mail me your address and I will be glad to sent it to you. franscomp@yahoo.com

This Easter Celebration reminds one of that somber “lost” Easter we were all denied the right to celebrate just a year ago when churches around the world were shuttered. Death, instead of resurrection and life, suddenly became the prevailing theme for millions – and how foolish it all seems in retrospect. The “experts” were predicting a repeat of the Black Death; instead we witnessed a jerry-rigged pandemic, arguably virulent but no more so than the Hong Kong Flu which I well remember back in 1969. That flu, too, was fairly dangerous, but like all viral strains ultimately short lived.

What made this pandemic so different from its predecessor was the hysterical response of our public authorities who seem so determined to exploit this coronavirus as justification for imposing an unprecedented form of medical tyranny. Unlike 1969 when civil leaders were still well enough grounded in common sense to actually perform rational risk assessments, today’s enlightened political class has adopted the “Chicken Little” approach. Their panic button policies thus created social chaos, disruption, and a needless loss of life, freedoms, and mental health. Children were deprived of schooling and social encounters, adults thrown out of work, business ruined, while enabling abuse and dependencies of every stripe. All these devastating consequences were imposed callously and randomly on hapless populations by the same soulless agents who justified the irreparable societal damage they were causing as necessary to “protect” us. May God deliver us from such “protection” ever again.

As a kid I remember a very clever slogan at a now defunct pizza chain which read, “Shakeys made a deal with the bank. We don’t take checks and the bank doesn’t make pizzas.” That bit of humorous advice needs to be heeded by today’s imperious authoritarians who carelessly concede oversight of the “common good” to a handful of medicrat functionaries at the WHO, CDC, and NIH all the way down to county health departments which were effectively granted dictatorial powers over every segment of society, even those in which they had no competence. In other words, the bank is now knee deep into the making of pizzas.

“It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game,” noted Canadian Dr. Roger Hodkinson expressing alarm over the draconian health measures imposed on Canadians over a pandemic that World Economic Forum head, Klaus Schwab, cynically admitted was the least dangerous pandemic over the past 2,000 years. Dr. Hodkinson labels the response of governments to this virus as, “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.” Conversely we also see medicine playing politics in a culture where science has become highly politicized. Health care is being weaponized to manipulate public perceptions and behaviors. The most obvious sign of this manipulation is the ubiquitous wearing of face masks – essentially facial diapers – which have no demonstrable medical value but which have become a highly effective social control mechanism. 

Science and medicine have in effect lost their objectivity to become agents of gratuitous political manipulation: witness the steady flow of contradictory statements and protocols from the NIH, CDC and others agencies over the past year. Masks protect you; masks are largely symbolic; two masks are better than one; maintain 6 ft. social distance in stores and churches, but in schools 3 ft. is sufficient. Close bars and restaurants early because, who knows, the virus may be nocturnal, and more infectious after 10 p.m. Then there is the CDC which inexplicably (and illegally) changed the standard methodology for counting Covid deaths so that someone who passed on “with Covid” is conveniently recorded as dying “from Covid,” even assuming they had a 45 caliber sized hole in the chest. This cute accounting sleight of hand magically boosted reported Covid deaths somewhere between 17 and 20 fold! What a truly an amazing virus able to comply with so many scientific “facts” regardless of how much they disagree with one another.

But now, a year later, we have moved on from the goofy face mask social control phase into a far more dangerous threat to public health, namely the so-called “vaccines.” We now see whole governments effectively playing the role of drug pushers – foisting untested “experimental” drugs off on an uninformed and unsuspecting public. Although not truly vaccines, these injections are more accurately defined as “experimental gene therapies.” Notice that word “experimental” which means that our medical and political oligarchs are performing a worldwide medical experiment on entire populations. Yet no previous attempted coronavirus “vaccine,” going back to SARS, has ever been successfully proven effective in animal trials. The current “vaccines” rushed to market were not animal tested for short or long term effects, nor were they subjected to the normal FDA approval process which is why they are labelled “experimental.”

Real scientists are warning that these new injections amount to pathogenic primers, as tried in earlier animal experiments and abandoned after causing fatal “exaggerated immune responses” when the test animals were exposed to natural viruses in the wild. Dr. Ryan Cole further notes that previous mRNA animal trials, “led to cancers and auto-immune diseases. My biggest concern is the antibody enhancement reaction,” he warns. Does that sound like something you might want to inject into your body in the hopes of protecting against a virus now proven to be highly treatable with drugs such as Ivermectin, HDC, and even plain old Vitamin D?   

But some governments, perfectly willing to risk public health by pushing untried and experimental gene therapies, are going even further by demanding proof of “vaccination” in order to exercise one’s normal civil liberties. And by the way, you will still need to wear masks and follow every inane protocol, yes even for those compliant “vaccinated” guinea pigs. At the risk of being tarred as a modern day Cassandra, heed my warning. We are being confronted by real devils working to destroy people’s health even as they impose totalitarian controls over the world’s population. They like to benignly call their agenda the “Great Reset.” It is a reset of sorts, not to some bright utopian future but back to the jungle, where a powerful few have all the control and the weak  will henceforth dwell in servile bondage. The freedom and dignity once afforded by Christianity will become a faded memory once the “Reset” is in place.

These are times which try men’s souls, but don’t be too willing to hand your soul over just yet because some tyrant demands it. We still have the will and the right to resist tyranny, but better do it now, before the curtain falls entirely. To learn the whole truth read: Masonic ILLUMINISM ~ A Luciferian Revolution 

Francis J. Pierson     +a.m.d.g.


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