Big Pharma now presents Medi-Jihad

How little Americans seem to have learned in 20 years! September 11 marks the somber anniversary of a despicable attack on the American people by foreign terrorists. But as of today, 9-11-2021, our people are again under attack; this time by domestic terrorists in our own government. Headline: The acting president just declared war on those Americans who, either for reasons of conscience or medical freedom, refused to be injected with an abortion-tainted agent not yet out of clinical trials.

Biden has effectively declared a medical dictatorship which allows politicians, who now deem themselves more qualified than medical professionals, to forcibly make medical decisions for you. Regardless of what you may think of a particular “vaccine,” the principle these autocrats are invoking is both atrocious and unconstitutional ~ namely that government knows better than you, or your doctor, your personal health needs, and that it nevertheless has the right to forcibly inject a foreign substance into your body. If you refuse, you will be denied the right to work or to participate in society. You will be accused of being a menace to the community and tarred as an outcast. You will be publicly denounced and discriminated against. Medical “Jim Crow” has now arrived on America’s doorstep!

We are now living in the dystopian world of elected leaders, become despotic tyrants, who assail, fine, and even arrest ordinary people who are simply tying to go about their everyday lives. Remember that all the disruption we experienced over the past year and a half was only meant to “flatten the curve” of a virus that we now know is readily treatable and has in excess of a 99.9% survival rate. (Compare that to the Black Plague.) Through all of this, reasoned discussion and “real” science have been tossed out the window. In their stead we get fear mongering, rigged statistics, and media suppression of any inconvenient fact. Then there is the cancellation of any professional with actual clinical experience with viruses who dares to question, or worse disproves any part of the prevailing panic narrative. Is this what an open society is supposed to look like? In cowboy lingo it appears that we are no longer grazing in the tall grass. Instead we’ve slid right into the deep manure.

So the original 9-11 tragedy was just a warning shot in retrospect. It seems that the real enemy was hiding all along within our own borders (and political lobbies), just waiting for the right opportunity to create life-altering terror and havoc. Twenty years ago approximately 3,000 Americans lost their lives in a vicious attack on two American cities. Today, as I write this, nearly 14,000 Americans have already died unexpectedly after receiving the experimental Covid jabs according to the CDC’s own VAERS data. Yet our Medical Dictator in Chief, Joe Biden, insists on doubling down on such risky therapies, and even hopes to impose them on children. If this not be madness then it can only be defined as criminal indifference.

These home-grown elected terrorists, at the behest of Big Pharma donors, are doing a far more effective job of destroying American lives than the Taliban and its allies ever dreamed possible. It’s called Medi-Jihad, and it’s sponsored by sniveling career bureaucrats like Tony Fauci. We have even invented or own brand of Shariah law labelled “emergency health mandates” (Allah be praised), which allows one to persecute or even stone those deemed “unclean,” always for a more noble purpose, no doubt. WAKE UP AMERICA! This time it’s not just New York and Washington but every town and city in America that is being targeted by radicalized Health Terrorists. If you don’t resist it today I can promise you that Medi-Jihad will be coming soon to a theater near you.

Francis J. Pierson +a.m.d.g.

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