Battling the Paper Dragon

If you’ve ever seen pictures of a Chinese festival you no doubt recall those huge dragons which can snake for several blocks as they wind through city streets. A closer look reveals hundreds of human feet underneath which propel the paper dragon along its course. (Sure, I know it’s really silk but we live in “virtual” times.) The people belonging to those feet remain hidden and anonymous so that all the spectators and frightened children see only see the dragon’s ferocious features.

The world today is being treated to another kind of paper dragon in the form of a coronavirus pandemic. This dragon is being contorted, manipulated, and directed by an unseen hoard of faceless bureaucrats and journalists whose sole aim seems to be capitalizing on the public’s fear and panic. Accompanying them is an administrative deep state which has by now become so entrenched that political leaders unquestioningly impose whatever draconian measures these mysterious figures may demand. It seems utterly surreal to watch formerly free societies buckle under their arbitrary, and often harmful, diktats like a bunch of new recruits in boot camp. Somehow I must have blinked when we adopted the North Korean rule of law but here we are, six months into a global boot camp with no end in sight.

Like the paper dragon, we the people have no idea who or what is driving this slithery thing. Orders come from on high out of some mysterious ether called the “administrative state.” The ultimate goal seems to be the total and absolute regimintation of society, accomplished through a three pronged approach designed to break any resistance: Misinformation, Intimidation, and Censorship. (If this sounds vaguely like something from the Communist playbook you probably have an overstimulated imagination and need to be sent immediately to the nearest re-education camp.) Let’s quickly examine these three strategies.

  1. Misinformation: This is demonstrably a treatable coronavirus. Doctors such as Vladimir Zelensky and Stella Immanuel have been successfully treating hundreds of Covid patients with hydroxychloroquine and zinc since March. In response the deep state paper dragon has branded such treatments as dangerous quackery and convinced state medical boards to ban physicians from prescribing the key drug (despite its 65 year track record of both efficacy and safety in treating malaria, lupus, and other diseases). Our own NIH has known since 2005, during the SARS coronavirus outbreak, that hydroxychloroquine works both to prevent and to heal early stage coronaviruses. That study is now the best kept secret since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
  2. Intimidation. Threaten anyone who questions official protocols with fines, closure of businesses, investigation by medical boards, loss of jobs, public shaming, etc. These are all effective tools being used against various “heretics” and other people who insist on walking along beaches. Also tell people that they are going to die if they venture out of doors or attend a church service. Convince children that they will become potential killers if they visit grandpa or give grandma a big hug.
  3.  Censorship. Drs. Daniel Erickson, James Todaro, Karol Sikora and many other prominent scientists and physicians have been regularly censored by social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. for having the temerity to point out pertinent inconvenient facts, such as that Austria completely reopened its society last April 14 with no negative consequences, or that shutdowns are causing “profound psychological damage” even as the virus is “getting tired” and showing promise that “the pandemic might burn itself out naturally.” Under the paternal hand of YouTube such “alarming and dangerous comments” are being shielded from the public eye. The same mode of censorship was applied on an informative press conference a week ago by a coalition of physicians calling themselves America’s Frontline Doctors: physicians who are actually treating patients instead of sitting behind a desk at the CDC or NIH.  As one doctor noted, “When was the last time Anthony Fauci pressed a stethyscope against a patient’s chest?

And who might be behind such an agenda of distorting and suppressing information? The traditional investigative tool has always been to follow the money, so let’s first consider “Big Pharma” as one possible suspect. This is an industry that spent some $18 billion on marketing back in 1997. By 2016 that amount had mushroomed to $30 billion annually according to Dr. James Todaro. Who wouldn’t expect, nay demand a healthy return on that kind of investment? This might just explain why a $6.50 hydroxychloroquine prescription might not excite the Big Pharma companies and their lackeys in both Congress and every statehouse in the nation. (Lobbyists for pharmaceuticals are by far the single biggest donors to the Washington swamp, spending double the amount that oil companies provide for lobbying efforts.) The thing about paper dragons is that they are not very transparent. The faces of all the real players remain conveniently hidden from public scrutiny. Meanwhile we are all being held captive to fear so that we will turn to these paladins of medical know how to save us with some brand new “super vaccine.”

Conveniently (for Big Pharma) our health officials have all but banned the off label use of hydroxychloroquine zinc compounds in the U.S. when many European countries have been using it to effectively treat symptoms of the coronavirus. Americans are saddled with a pharmaceutical industry which buys billions of dollars worth of television advertising. That industry is just salivating to sell tens of billions of dollars worth of new, untested, and in many cases worthless, vaccines so a $6.50 prescription drug that would cure the same problem presents a systemic threat to their anticipated profits.

Vaccines are a very questionable panacea, not a cure. In one area at least they have been proven to be effective ─ the further transmission of diseases. In fact the great Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-19 first broke out among vaccinated American soldiers, then spread quickly from there as they were sent overseas to fight in the war. A recent Pentagon study showed that soldiers who had received a common flu shot late in 2019 were 36% more susceptible to the coronavirus than those soldiers who had not been vaccinated! I suggest you view Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s vaccine debate” with star Harvard Law School attorney Alan Dershowitz on YouTube. Those 60 minutes will educate you beyond anything you could ever imagine.

The problem is that the “science” being spouted on the evening TV news is about as worthless as the hyped up data on the number of coronavirus “cases” being reported. Those numbers are a function of massive testing, not of symptomatic illnesses which actually peaked some four months ago and have been declining precipitously ever since. But consider that in April a “case” was defined as someone showing symptoms who required medical intervention and tested positive. That definition was quietly revised downward in May by the CDC (which incidentally receives half of its funding directly from pharmaceutical companies) to include any positive test result, whether or not the person tested showed any symptoms, or even if the same person had been retested several times (four tests four new cases). The fact is that well over 80% of persons testing positive are asymptomatic (also, according to Dr. Fauci, up to 50% of test results under given conditions will show false positives).

We as Christians are told to “Fear Not”

But Catholics should have a much deeper concern than corrupt motives or the the misrepresentation of health or science. That greater concern is what message we are sending our children by our actions throughout this pandemic. That fear should drive our decisions? That physical health is more important than moral or spiritual health? That the sacramental life of the Church can be suspended under any pretext that public authorities can conjure up without a word of protest from their shepherds? That we are made in God’s image, but that we need to hide that divine image indefinitely under a mask?

Think of it through the lens of the theology of the body. Remember how at the Gospel we sign ourselves on the forehead, the lips, and the heart?This expresses a threefold manner in which God actually imprinted his image on our human bodies. The all knowing Father is represented bythe mind of man. His Son is the Word of God, the spokesman who reveals his Father to the world. The Holy Spirit is the love of God which dwells in the human heart. We therefore proclaim Christ with our mouths and lips because Christ is the “Word of God.” We are the mouthpieces of the Lord and our mission is to preach the Gospel to the world. To publicly cover our mouths up is to symbolically put a muzzle on Christ who commissioned every Christian to proclaim his Gospel to all nations. Did I mention that actions always teach louder than words?

Silent submission to the mandates of corrupt civil authorities will not create future generations of fearless spokesmen but only herds of frightened sheep.This is not the attitude that converted the ancient world to Christ, quite the contrary. But it is the attitude that has surrendered the modern world to his enemies. Are we now to perpetuate that surrender by covering over the beautiful faces of our children? How does that teach them the Christian virtues? And what is Catholic education if not instilling in them those same virtues? I have long been mystified that it is always evil people who take bold initiatives to advance their wicked causes. Good people are forever reacting to evil threats but rarely do they initiate any good or positive action. We slothfully let the pervading culture drive us instead of our working intelligently todirect the culture in a more Christian direction.

There is an even greater, though far more subtle, evil in the imposition of face masks on children. A face mask is essentially an oral contraceptive. A contraceptive is any device which hinders the natural purpose of human intercourse, whether that be of a sexual nature or communication through words and ideas. By putting what amounts to facial condoms over the faces young and highly impressionable students we are unwittinglycondoning and promoting the ubiquitous “safe sex” ideology which they are hearing day and night through the mass media. “You really need to protect yourself from being infected, whether by some errant flu bug or by an unexpected pregnancy, and we have just the product that will KEEP YOU SAFE.”
It’s a seamless mental transition from the one application to the next ─ and worse, it’s absolutely diabolical. The message they will take away is, “Do whatever to stay safe:” a safetyunderstood as shutting out other’s ─ protecting oneself from the effects of love.When there is a major disconnect between what is said and what is being done, every child willobserve that inconsistency. Face masks are essentially psychological dog collars meant to control and enforce conformity and keep others at a “safe” distance, apsychological leash. Education should be used to liberate people from fear, not to instill it; to teach about lauthentic ove not social distancing. Masks signal that we are more animals than children of God. How does that message form dynamic future Catholic generations?


Throughout this crisis our public health authorities have developed an astonishing case of tunnel vision. Nobody seems to want to look at the secondary, and far more deadly, effects of this pandemic. While endless debate rages about social distancing, vaccines, testing, and face masks millions of Americans are struggling and even dying from the effects of a social and economic collapse. Anxiety, depression, suicides, opioid abuses, coronary failures, pornography usage, spousal and child abuse are all exploding. Our cities are turning into crime factories, law and order is veering into anarchy, and all the public authorities and media outlets can jabber about endlessly is a vaccine and how to reign in those “selfish people” who refuse to comply with their absurd rules. Reports from Australia, under an Orwellian lockdown, now indicate that six people are dying from suicide for every one Covid fatality.

Dr. Anthony Lillis writes, “Our young people and the vulnerable pay the price when we allow the promotion of any public policy that robs us of piety – that holy devotion to God and family that, when rooted in truth and true love, makes life worth living.” Instead religious liberties are being hindered and imposed upon to an extent never before seen in our country’s history. A new kind of Puritanism is stalking our land draped in the garb of “public health.” Did we learn nothing from Prohibition? Virtue mandates never work and ultimately cause harm, but that hasn’t slowed the current crowd of “virtue cops” from squelching religion and individual freedoms in the name of “public health” (the same argument once used for Prohibition).

 One need not be a PhD to verify the facts I am reporting. A simple internet search will turn up dozens of experts, studies, and medical professionals who are saying the same thing, in contradiction of the mass media narrative. This is our great Catholic teaching moment. Please do not let it go to waste. We must each battle the paper dragon if Christianity is to survive. If people only hide their heads in the sand and believe everything which a dishonest mainstream media feeds them, pre-digested, then the problem will only fester and our children will bear the sad consequences of our dereliction as parents and educators. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, one of the few prelates who seems to truly understand the real danger of this global pandemic writes: “Let us not allow centuries of Christian civilization to be erased under the pretext of a virus, and an odious technological tyranny to be established, in which nameless and faceless people can decide the fate of the world by confining us to a virtual reality.”

Francis J. Pierson   + a.m.d.g.

Internet sites and persons to google for more information:

Father David Nix’s “Pilgrim Priest blog” is  see post “Live Not By Lies”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. vaccine debate with Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School. Found on You Tube. Identifies corruption in Big Pharma

America’s Frontline Doctors,

Dr. James Todaro, medicineuncensored,com

American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, “Mask Facts” June 1, 2020,–facts

Dr. Daniel Erickson – video taken down by You Tube is now found on videos

Dr. Scott Jensen, Minn. State Senator on the routine falsifying of death certificates as Covid

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko on successful treatment with hydroxychloroquine

Dr. Karol Sikora, professor at University of Buckingham

Dr. Rashid Buttar on false reporting about the Covid virus

Dr. Judy Mikovits on systemic corruption in Big Pharma

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