Hiding From the Truth

Being in the process of moving to a new city, I confess to having been remiss in posting any new articles over the past few months. Yet in that short time period the saner elements in our society seem to have been toppled by radical, left-wing wokeism, as evidenced by the absurd stories and lies being passed off as headlines. Consider the wave of crime and violent rampages sweeping through many of our major cities which the mandarins of so-called mainstream news networks attribute to food starved youth (all carrying expensive smart phones), or flash mob vandals who loot and burn businesses with impunity yet are blithely excused as exacting overdue “reparations” to which they, as minorities, are surely entitled. Besides, in a racist world the police who protect that racist system need to go, or at least be hamstrung in enforcing racist laws.

Meanwhile, in Nashville, a resentful trans activist cold-bloodedly murders six innocent children and teachers at a Christian school, but the White House chooses to identify itself not with the murdered nine year olds or their families but with the violent perpetrator of this horrific crime – supposedly a tragic victim of transphobic prejudice! Only a half-senile president would even fathom such an absurd narrative. What we are witnessing alongside the death of reason is the deliberate suppression of any truthful dialogue. The whole point is to support a political myth that white Christianity is a dangerous, toxic, and oppressive burden upon society that must be resisted and ultimately rooted out. Perhaps the real problem is not supposedly hateful Christians beating up on trans people but rather a blanket rejection of Christian morality which has enjoined a culture of violent, narcissistic, drug and sex abusers. What we are witnessing is a moral bankruptcy which the left for decades has been promoting as “progressive values.”

The progressive left has thus created a hive mentality which disproportionately affects those young people who have never acquired any good understanding of history, and so they are easily radicalized. Within these Alinsky styled tribal identity groups founded on shared resentments moral rectitude, self control, and even basic honesty are all equated with an attack on one’s basic freedoms. Evil they call good, and good is evil. And the masterminds of this whole diabolical agenda rely heavily on an essential tactic ~ hiding the truth, while hiding from the truth.

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