Hiding From the Truth

Being in the process of moving to a new city, I confess to having been remiss in posting any new articles over the past few months. Yet in that short time period the saner elements in our society seem to have been toppled by radical, left-wing wokeism, as evidenced by the absurd stories and lies being passed off as headlines. Consider the wave of crime and violent rampages sweeping through many of our major cities which the mandarins of so-called mainstream news networks attribute to food starved youth (all carrying expensive smart phones), or flash mob vandals who loot and burn businesses with impunity yet are blithely excused as exacting overdue “reparations” to which they, as minorities, are surely entitled. Besides, in a racist world the police who protect that racist system need to go, or at least be hamstrung in enforcing racist laws.

Meanwhile, in Nashville, a resentful trans activist cold-bloodedly murders six innocent children and teachers at a Christian school, but the White House chooses to identify itself not with the murdered nine year olds or their families but with the violent perpetrator of this horrific crime – supposedly a tragic victim of transphobic prejudice! Only a half-senile president would even fathom such an absurd narrative. What we are witnessing alongside the death of reason is the deliberate suppression of any truthful dialogue. The whole point is to support a political myth that white Christianity is a dangerous, toxic, and oppressive burden upon society that must be resisted and ultimately rooted out. Perhaps the real problem is not supposedly hateful Christians beating up on trans people but rather a blanket rejection of Christian morality which has enjoined a culture of violent, narcissistic, drug and sex abusers. What we are witnessing is a moral bankruptcy which the left for decades has been promoting as “progressive values.”

The progressive left has thus created a hive mentality which disproportionately affects those young people who have never acquired any good understanding of history, and so they are easily radicalized. Within these Alinsky styled tribal identity groups founded on shared resentments moral rectitude, self control, and even basic honesty are all equated with an attack on one’s basic freedoms. Evil they call good, and good is evil. And the masterminds of this whole diabolical agenda rely heavily on an essential tactic ~ hiding the truth, while hiding from the truth.

When you were a child do you remember ever hiding under your bed after doing something bad, thinking that hiding out would protect you from the consequences? In fact, that is precisely what Adam and Eve did in the garden after having disobeyed God’s one, perfectly reasonable command. They tried to hide themselves from God because they could not own up to the truth of their sinful actions. Hide the crime; cover it up and everything will be okay. Sadly, today’s left leaning culture follows the same path, hiding from the truth, placing a fig leaf over one’s guilt, and as a last resort blaming somebody else. Remember how it took Adam a mere nanosecond to blame Eve when God questioned him?

My father used to say that one lie always leads to another, and another… Well, today’s institutional “ministries of truth” meaning politicians, news outlets, academics, corporate heads, and even pastors have for decades been saying whatever was necessary to cover their tracks. For them what is at stake is the power and prestige they enjoy, but the truth about what they may be up to behind closed doors might just threaten their privileged positions. Secret bio-weapons labs in Ukraine? Falsifying safety data regarding vaccines? Covert assassination plots and pointless foreign wars certainly do not rate voter approval. Why not simply ignore the fully documented criminal activity found on a carelessly abandoned laptop owned by someone politically connected? These only represent a small sampling of instances of hiding the truth. Lies are like an avalanche which starts out small but quickly gain size, speed, and momentum. And as one lie invariably becomes a cascade of supporting lies, the truth gets buried ever deeper until it becomes invisible. I fear we have arrived at that unfortunate point in America, where lies have become the truth and truth itself is branded as a lie.

The nation of my youth no longer resembles the nation I see about me today. Truth, honor, respect, and honesty have fallen out of fashion with disastrous consequences. The pertinent question remains: who or what is behind the devilish agenda that is rapidly sapping our nation of its moral, spiritual, and social vigor. We seem to be at war with a vicious, hidden enemy. For many of us the Covid crisis of 2020 became a watershed event that would shine much light on this very question. It now appears to have been engineered by an elite clique I simply term the demons of Davos, global powerbrokers fronted by the WEF whose ambitious agenda seems to be bringing the entire world under their direct control. This Davos crowd represents both governmental and huge corporate entities bent on global monopolization of industry, natural resources, finance, and politics all gathered together under one corporately controlled super-state.

The Covid Scamdemic was actually a very revealing exercise by the demons of Davos in hiding the truth about this mysterious (man-made?) virus. Now, as new and more data gradually emerges we can reconstruct much of the truth about the virus itself, the inefficacy of masks and lockdowns, and the inability of so-called vaccines to protect the population against that outbreak. We saw how a virus was weaponized to justify draconian suspensions of basic human liberties and to empower bureaucrats and politicians to hold society hostage while inflicting enormous financial, psychological, and societal damage. It further exposed how heavily the political and corporate establishments are invested in protecting one another while hiding the truth from the people they supposedly serve. It is as though a veil has been lifted on the real agendas of our leadership class whose lust for power easily trumps any concern for the common good.

But the remarkable thing is that these elites still exhibit no shame, even after the whistles started blowing. Instead they have brazenly pointed fingers to accuse the whistleblowers of spreading “disinformation.” Never mind the scandalous collusion between government officials and Big Tech, Big Pharma, and military contractors all of whom continue to feed their luxurious beltway lifestyles with billions in taxpayer cash and perks flowing back and forth into friendly pockets like water spilling over Niagara Falls. It would seem that our two party system has degenerated into a good-cop, bad-cop shell game run by the Demagogues and Publicans, all designed to confuse and bamboozle the voting public.

The Demagogue Party invariably leads the charge for new taxation, more spending, and social engineering schemes while the Publicans dutifully follow along after raising a few feeble objections (to appease the folks “back home”). This thoroughly corrupt political racket is run by well connected insiders who, unlike the grandmas who toured the capitol on January 6 and are now in jail, wheel and deal their own winning hands, safely insulated from any lawful scrutiny. The Biden crime syndicate, exhibit “A,” is apparently impervious to any serious investigation. Then there is the Bonnie and Clyde of politics, the Clinton team to provide comic relief. And don’t forget those so-called Neo-cons with names like Cheney, Nuland, Graham, McConnell, and Bush who keep the war machine well oiled with undoubtedly well greased palms.

The trick is to manifest that choir boy facial expression even as one buries any truth about dirty deeds, foreign interference, pointless wars, and covert military interventions which serve to keep the world in a perpetual state of agitation and discord. This exercise requires hiding the truth about such things as secret bio-weapons labs in Ukraine, mysterious pipeline explosions in the Baltic, or to flash back 20 years, the mysterious absence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. However did those deadly missiles and chemical bombs simply evaporate into the desert sands? It’s so much easier to hide the truth than having to explain such discrepancies to voters. And a coddled, pliant media establishment profitably in on the fix assures that no explanation will ever become necessary.

Meanwhile back home the Demagogue Party insists that Soros funded rioters have a right to burn, pillage, and steal so long as these paid vandals will agree that a man can be a woman or that 12 year old girls are entitled to get abortions without parental knowledge. That’s real democracy at work, after all, and anyone who says otherwise needs to be banned, cancelled, or even jailed. By resorting to straw men like systemic racism, culturally induced sexism, or transphobic Christians intent on destroying democracy, these sleazy panderers spread social division, applaud anarchy, and obscure any truth, even as your city burns. And the Publican Party is sure never to spill the beans because any who dare try will receive the Trump treatment ~ personal defamation, frivolous lawsuits, absurd allegations, pre-dawn raids, cancelled social media accounts, and non-stop vilification. Facts simply don’t matter so long as you can keep them conveniently out of sight just the way the January 6 Committee overlooked thousands of hours of potentially exculpatory video footage in their possession. Sure, hiding the truth can destroy innocent lives but when it serves some other end our brave leaders seem perfectly willing to make that sacrifice.

My intent here is not to sound cynical, but neither should one gloss over the fallen state of human nature. We have all at one point in our lives done something of which we are not proud and so I have no desire to judge even the most flagrant political hack. Sin is endemic to the human condition and none of us are immune from it. But it is not the sin itself so much as remaining obstinate in one’s sin that will ultimately kill the soul. And that is why being truthful, even about one’s past wrongs and omissions, is essential. Hiding from the truth is the worst thing we can do. We need to crawl out from under the bed and deal with the truth. Lies kill, especially when we lie to ourselves.

St. John eloquently exposes this dichotomy between truth and lies, for John understands that truth is not just a mental apprehension of reality but that it is something much more. It is a living person, Jesus Christ, the Word through whom the Father created all things. Just as Adam and Eve could not hide from God in the garden, so too modern man cannot hide under the bed from absolute Truth, Jesus Christ who said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” In another passage He clearly states, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (Jn 8: 31,32). True freedom is not about political rights or power. It is not dispensed by governments or political leaders. Rather it derives directly from the truth that God has given to us through his Son. Hiding from truth can never lead one to genuine freedom: rather to be ignorant of the truth is to become enslaved, whether to others more clever or better positioned than ourselves or even to one’s own disordered passions, i.e., slavery to sin. And accepting a lie becomes the first step on the pathway to that slavery.

We have entered an era of intense spiritual darkness, even within the Church, attested by the fact that more than 75% of Catholics no longer even bother to attend Mass regularly on Sundays. Fewer than 30% believe in the doctrine of the Real Presence in the Eucharist and upwards of 90% of Catholic couples cohabitate before marriage and practice contraception. St. Paul clearly foresaw such a thing. “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but with itching ears they will seek for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will indeed turn away from hearing the truth, but will be turned unto fables.” (2 Tim 4: 3,4) God has ordered his creation to the principle of expansive life but the guiding principle of the current culture seems to be more fascinated with death or the prevention of life: constant warfare (to preserve democracy – another lie), abortion, contraception, assisted suicide, and euthanasia.

Christ, who is all Truth, warned of this enveloping darkness of lies when he spoke. “The light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.” (Jn 3: 19,20) Our Lord’s words could apply equally to the CIA, FBI, NIH, UCLA, CNN, BlackRock, the New York Times, or any number of hallowed institutions which routinely prevaricate, obfuscate, bury facts, utter half-truths and the like because they value their profits and institutional reputations more than the truth.

But the very fact that humans feel the need to hide the truth from others (and oftentimes themselves) is an indicator of both their sense of guilt and responsibility for the deeds they go to such lengths to hide. It implies a moral burden which is acknowledged through their attempts to both hide the truth and to hide from the truth. Politics is downstream from culture, which itself is downstream from religion. So, political corruption is not the cause but rather an effect of spiritual corruption. Perhaps the biggest, darkest establishment lie over the past 60 years revolves around contraception which has effectively reduced men and women to playtoys at the same time as it has eroded both religious faith and the traditional family. The ensuing contraceptive culture thereby ushered in a profoundly anti-life movement, today’s culture of death where life itself is posed as an existential threat to humanity.

Sexual liberation turned humans into mere objects of pleasure. This loss of dignity then opened the door to viewing humans as parasitic vermin, stripping the planet bare for their own selfish ends. They consume and foul everything they touch, poisoning the air; melting ice caps in order to drive their cars and heat their homes. In this scenario the problem is human life and activity so the only rational solution is to have fewer humans around to mess up space ship earth. And if you accept this Malthusian nightmare as true then the reduction of human population by any means is not only commendable but becomes compulsory. Abortions, forced sterilizations, even genocidal euthanasia (couched as “end of life care”) are simply useful tools in the box to achieve the desired outcome. And it was contraception that first launched us down this dystopian slippery slope.

This very defeatist, zero-sum view of things came into vogue 60 or so years ago right alongside contraception and has since become the accepted cultural narrative. But in order to develop this narrative it was necessary to hide from another basic truth, that far from being a threat to our well being, new life is something good and positive. It is in fact the great gift of a benevolent God who is the author of all life and who admonished Adam and Eve to be fertile and multiply. Life is beautiful. It is the gift which opens to us all the other gifts God showers on his people ~ including the gift of salvation.

Life is therefore something that we ought to cherish – not treat it as a fearful threat to our continued existence. The very act of procreation which is naturally ordered to the affirmation of life becomes, through contraception, a renunciation of life. The shrill sirens of climate change and overpopulation seek only to instill anxiety and fear by hiding the fact that humans are by and large assets, not liabilities, to our world. When given the freedom to do so they will create wealth, provide support to the needy, and generally enrich culture. We can either choose a culture of death and despair or the culture of life and hope. Too many young people today live lives of silent despair because they have only been exposed to the death culture. The truth of God’s love and providence has been withheld from them by ministers of the gospel of death, fear. and hopelessness. They have been fed on scientific fables spun by cynical and self-serving elites who only want to seize the good things of this earth for themselves ~ the demons of Davos. But even the powerful must one day face a judgment, a fact which for them represents the ultimate case of hiding from the truth. On that day, however, there will be no bed for them to hide under.

Francis J. Pierson + a.m.d.g.

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