It’s Okay to Discriminate, After All

Anecdote number two occurred only two days later. I had earlier noticed that a local small business I often frequent was inexplicably shut down, and I feared permanently. But the other day I went by and it had reopened, so I naturally went in to make a purchase. The woman who runs it employs special needs people from a group home. It turns out they were required to take routine a PCR test for Covid and they all tested negative. However, the owner herself came up with a positive result although she never experienced the slightest symptoms. (note: The false positivity rate for PCRs run anywhere from 50% to 89% depending on which study is referenced.) Now I suspect, although I didn’t ask, that all these persons had previously been fully “vaccinated,” and I use that term in the loosest possible sense. Nonetheless the local health department forced her into quarantine for two weeks which also meant shutting down her business. She was understandably quite upset by the whole ordeal which had social as well as economic consequences for those special needs people. An attorney friend of mine explained that in that state health officials actually had been given police powers which he thought a very bad idea. (Obey any health agent’s “recommendation” or go to jail.)

Anecdote number three is a friend of mine who, for both legitimate religious and medical reasons, refuses to submit to an experimental mRNA injection. He works remotely from his own home and only goes out occasionally to meet with a client. Because of his refusal, the smallish company he works for has demoted him from his previous position and, he believes, is now trying to edge him out the door. Here’s the real kicker though. This gentleman had already contracted Covid earlier in the year, and thus he has a far more robust natural immunity, by a factor of 5 to 50 times greater than the jab provides according to recent studies in Great Britain and elsewhere! Still, he is being blatantly discriminated against by his employer, not for any valid medical reason, but because he won’t conform to their unreasonable demands that he inject some unknown foreign agent into his body.

If you have not figured out by now that the issue is no longer public health but absolute control and conformity to an agenda, then heaven help you! The Covid bogeyman has been used as a convenient agent of terror in the hands of unscrupulous bureaucrats, medicrats, and the pharmaceutical lobby. The primary weapon they are using against humanity is an untested (especially for long term side effects) experimental jab, and the purpose of this campaign is to create a leper class of “unvaxxed” persons who can be discriminated against, vilified, and ostracized as “public enemies” by self-anointed virtue-crats. Meanwhile, their ultimate goal is the imposition of a medical police state where the government makes all your medical decisions for you.

If you are beginning to feel like a lab rat instead of a citizen you begin to understand the whole point of the exercise. Otherwise, try to explain how Israel with the worlds highest rate of mRNA inoculations (over 90% “fully vaccinated”) is currently experiencing the highest infection rates from Covid and its variants. What they are seeing is not an epidemic of the “unvaxxed” but a serious epidemic of the “vaxxed.” And while flashing a “vax passport” may get you into a restaurant it doesn’t protect you from the illness. It does put young men at serious risk of heart inflamation however and disposes pregnant women to miscarry their babies. Both are now well documented side effects of the jab. So if you still haven’t connected these dots back to a power-hungry, globalist political class, may I recommend you read an excellent, if timeworn, book. It has a very simple, easy to remember title: 1984.

Francis J. Pierson +a.m.d.g.


1 thought on “It’s Okay to Discriminate, After All

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