Back to Reality

Even as anarchy seems to spread like wildfire to every corner of the globe, the most vociferous defenders of liberal democracy seem to retreat ever deeper into abject denial. One recent example: When the mother of Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold was asked in an interview whether she believed in the existence of evil, she paused then replied, “No, I don’t think so. I don’t think I do.” But what really sent a chill down my spine watching that clip was her utter, and I believe genuine, sincerity. Obviously there had to be a disconnect from reality somewhere in her process of logic. Nor am I singling out Ms. Klebold who, I believe, is only echoing a more widespread disconnect that seems to have pervaded the entire Western society.

Headlines daily confirm the reality of existential evil at every level, and yet it seems that all the media and political classes want to do is to shift the discussion to social conditions, poverty, guns. or mental illness. The one subject that is rarely raised in any of these discussions is morality, Continue reading

The Game of Power

Due to last minute demands in getting my new book to press, I have been somewhat remiss since posting my last article. I apologize for this delay and hope you will all be anxious to peruse that forthcoming work titled Word Without End: The Mass ~ Splendor of the Incarnation which should be available by the end of April. The sub-script on the cover of the book, “How the Power of Love conquers man’s Love of Power” leads us directly into today’s topic. You may ask, “But what connection is there between the Incarnation and a discussion of human power?”

First I would propose that the most intoxicating substance known to man is neither alcohol, nor any drug, nor even money or pleasure. Enticing as those things can be, I still suspect that the most addictive intoxicant around is power, Continue reading

Christmas 2015

I thought that I might share with you a small excerpt from my forthcoming book, Word Without End, which is due to come out sometime out this spring. The book treats the Splendor of the Incarnation (as I call it) in depth and, since Christmas is the celebration of the God’s Incarnation as man, I thought a sneak preview might constitute a nice Christmas meditation. The following section is taken from Chapter 2 of Word Without End:

Every person must answer the question, “who is Jesus Christ,” for himself or herself. Unless we affirm in our hearts that Jesus is the Incarnate word of God then his work of redemption has little effect on us. The world today would like to reduce Jesus Christ to a Continue reading