Who’s really cooking up the Hate?

The recent Masterpiece Cakeshop decision by the Supreme Court has both sides claiming a victory ~ of sorts. And while the High Court recognized an unacceptable religious animus on the part of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, it left open the question of where exactly religious liberty ends and unjust discrimination begins. But the larger question remains. Just how much coercion should government be allowed to apply in a free society? When does an excessive zeal for ‘tolerance’ itself lead to intolerant reactions?

These are penetrating questions that few on the more ‘progressive’ side of the spectrum seem willing to seriously consider. In fact, the only motive they can imagine that religious people like Jack Phillips are capable of resorting to is ‘hate.’ Such a view is an overly simplistic assumption in itself, demonstrating an extreme bias in their own ‘progressive’ thinking. Of course, Christianity does not condone hatred of persons, even though certain actions may be considered hateful, murder for instance. Continue reading

Thoughts for a Sizzling Friday in July

I thought a change of pace might be in order even as I try to wrap my brain around the recent bizarre events transpiring in our country and the world in general. Humor never killed a man (except for the “funny” guy who killed himself by shooting fireworks from the top of his head. At least there was no brain damage ~ since there was nothing there to damage). So I begin and end this post with some jocularity. In between, however, I expect you to THINKĀ  (Horrors!) but I feel that if you actually found this site you are up to it.

I begin with a favorite quip from my favorite Jesuit, Fr. Tom Kelly, long deceased. “America is a country where everyone is allowed to say what they think ~ even when they CAN’T think.”

Speaking of Jesuits, Do you know the difference between a Dominican and a Jesuit? Simple, the Dominican’s job is to explain the faith; the Jesuit’s job is to explain it away!

I see the recent drive to bury the Confederate battle flag as really an attempt to bury history. But here is the real irony. The party trying to bury it the deepest is the very same party whose history it reflects ~ the Democratic Party. Continue reading