It’s Time to Turn the Corner

Reflecting on perhaps the most unpredictable and bizarre presidential elections in my entire lifetime brings a satisfied yet wary smile to my face. Certainly the political outcome represents a moment of reprieve for cherished religious liberties that have been increasingly threatened or subjected to governmental intimidation as of late. Still, I sense that Americans are not entirely free of the ever looming specter of overbearing “political correctness,” a phenomenon that has been quietly invading every private (and public) corner of American life for far too long now. My pessimism in this regard stems from the fact that millions of young high school and college age students continue to be systematically radicalized against their own culture, flag, and even religion by those very institutions to which they have been entrusted by parents and taxpayers. I refer to that juggernaut called public and higher education Continue reading

Hijacked by Higher Education

 I have great sympathy today for those young millenials who aspire to succeed on the “real life” monopoly game-board which seems to be increasingly stacked against them. Limited job opportunities compounded by lackluster growth in real wages is certainly discouraging, but the thing that may ultimately doom untold millions of twenty-somethings to a very bleak future is not current market trends but mountains of compounded educational debt. In fact, an entire generation is being subjected to a vast “bait and switch” scheme by those very institutions charged with helping them to successfully integrate into the larger society. And the primary perpetrators of this cruel hoax appear to be the very establishments of higher education whose stated purpose it is to prepare our youth for a future productive life. Instead, many American colleges and universities seem too busy fleecing their youthful charges to devote much concern to their long term prospects. Continue reading