A True Reformation? Conclusion

Part I   Our Sinful Church

One of the things that has confounded both Christians and non-Christians alike over the past 2,000 years is this. If the Church is truly the Body of Christ present in the world as she has continuously insisted, then how could that body exhibit such a shocking degree of sin and corruption within her members? Is it possible that the same Holy Spirit which first energized the Church on Pentecost and who ostensibly guides her very actions has fallen asleep at the switch? Yet continuing into the present day, a seemingly endless stream of scandal emanates from Ecclesial quarters, and I am referring to much more than sensational headlines about clerical sex abuse which may only represent that part of the iceberg floating above the water line. Continue reading

A light to the Nations? The Problem in a Nutshell

The greatest sin in the world today may well be the senseless division of Christianity. One regrettable consequence of that partition seems to be that the fabric of Western culture is unraveling under the onslaught of radical individualism. This belief holds that self-determination, even regarding one’s own gender, ought to trump not only centuries of human tradition but the very laws of nature itself. And as the institution of family recedes ever deeper into its crisis of identity, society has becomes increasingly chaotic. A kind of intellectual anarchy now routinely assaults reason to substitute its own tenets for that great deposit of wisdom known as common sense. Meanwhile, in the West, Christianity seems to be in full retreat so that even an unobtrusive order of religious sisters, by following their consciences, is being threatened with ruinous fines Continue reading