The Lord of the Rings vs. the “Jab”

This so-called pandemic has provided ample demonstration of the old adage about government, that the only area in which it shows competence is incompetence. And now, after a year of fumbling and incessant contradictions we are being advised by countless governments to put our undying faith in an untried, experimental “vaccine” which is, in reality, and experimental gene therapy with totally unknown and untested long term consequences. Being touted by Popes and bishops, presidents, celebrities, and corporate honchos as the salvation of mankind ~ a claim entirely unproven ~ the “jab” has taken on a mystical aura; a kind of 21st century Holy Grail.

But how “holy” is a therapy produced at the expense of innocent human lives, aborted in order to produce cell lines from which the “jab” has directly descended? Ethicists, bishops, and assorted sophists are taking the line that the remoteness of the initial intrinsic evil excuses one’s participation in and profiting from such a monstrous evil. I am immediately reminded of arguments found in that greatest of 20th century literary classics, “The Lord of the Rings.” The solidly Catholic J.R.R. Tolkien perfectly understood, and clearly saw through, such Jesuitical reasoning. As I re-read his great trilogy I am beginning to understand the metaphors and symbolisms he employed in much greater depth. Tolkien, in fact, tackles the very point that is being bantered about today regarding the moral efficacy of the “jab.”

The Ring represents Original Sin which, in a larger sense, can be described as man’s concupiscent “will to power.” Remember in Genesis we read “you shall be like gods” (Gen 3:5) emanating from the lying tempter’s mouth. Likewise, the Ring gives its bearer power to be like a god – but there is always a catch. The Ring answers not to its current bearer but to Sauron, the dark Lord: the Power of Evil. Rather than bestowing liberty, it ultimately enslaves. This explains why the only creature fit to be the Ring bearer is a humble hobbit. Hobbits are the least corruptible precisely because they are the least powerful. Tolkien makes this very clear throughout his tale. It is the childlike qualities of hobbits: their simplicity and purity of heart that protects them from the Ring’s corrosive, corrupting influence. Men and even wizards are the ones who fall most easily under its spell. The one most corrupted is Gollum of course, once a man but now a hideous creature enslaved by the Ring’s evil power.

Tolkien is saying that we cannot compromise with evil – ever – and still hope to come out on top. One cannot use an evil means, even for the most noble cause because, like the Ring, evil has a will of its own, or rather the will of the Evil One behind it who will twist, corrupt, and bend those who foolishly employ it to his own ends. In this regard, Tolkien is perhaps a better moral theologian than many of today’s “experts.” Like Boromir, they are tempted to use evil against itself. Boromir reasons, “valour needs first strength, and then a weapon. Let the Ring be our weapon, if it has such power as you say. Take it and go forth to victory!” “Alas no,” said Elrond. “We cannot use the ruling Ring… It belongs to Sauron and was made by him alone, and is altogether evil… The very desire of it corrupts the heart… For nothing is evil in the beginning. Even Sauron was not so.”

Tolkien shows his true brilliance in this passage. To compromise one’s morals is to be eventually consumed by the very evil one might seek to curtail. Remember the claim 50 years ago that contraception would strengthen and even save the family? I do. Much like the Ring, any small evil will overtake the one who wishes to use it for some good end. The widespread acceptance of contraception quickly ushered in the greater evil of abortion. It also opened the door to unrestrained extra-marital sex which in turn undermined both marriage and the family. And today, researchers routinely traffic in body parts from aborted children in order to find new “cures” and make “vaccines.” Yet numerous Catholic clerics, administrators, and especially politicians have so seriously compromised their Catholic principles to the degree that many are no longer even recognizable as Catholics in spite of their outward claims. They have come to resemble pathetic “Gollums” transfixed by and obsessed with their “precious” rings of power.

The point is that in a sense we are all Ring bearers because each of us is carrying the burden of original sin – that human “will to power” celebrated by Nietzsche. “Unless you become like little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Mk 10:15) So powerful is that burden of original sin that even for the humble hobbit, Frodo, at the critical moment of decision even he faltered, unwilling to destroy the Ring that had been such a burden to him. Positive evil is real and it is powerful. It is not something to be trifled with. It will inevitably deceive the one who sees some potential for good in it, just as the Ring betrayed any who would use it for their own ends.

“Ah, the Ring! Is it not a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt for so small a thing? So small a thing…” reasons Boromir. “You seem ever to think only of its power in the hands of the Enemy… of its evil uses not its good… But why, if it were with us?” The “jab” is so small a thing that most bishops have waved away any moral objections to its use, and in fact most have taken it themselves. But leave it to a small hobbit to remind us all of larger realities. “Were you not at the Council?” answered Frodo. “Because we cannot use it, and what is done with it turns to evil.”

Our human “will to power” is a kind of pride driven lust that drives us, like Gollum, to possess “my precious.” We are busy at one end of the line tugging at some object of desire, much like a fish nibbling on bait. But we need to consider who, or what, is at the other end of that same line waiting to reel us in. There is another kind of will, the Free Will, which when supplied with grace, can defeat that dark brooding “will to power” which is the residue of original sin. But we must become humble as hobbits in order to conquer it. For if we refuse to destroy “the precious,” namely that concupiscent will, our fate will be the same as Gollum’s, eternal destruction. For the Ring does not ultimately grant one power but slavery to the same Dark Lord that it was made to serve. To compromise with evil is to approve it. Nobody understood that better than Tolkien. Perhaps now, if we could only get our pastors to carefully read Tolkien’s great classic, they too might gain a hobbit’s courage. And wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Francis J. Pierson +a.m.d.g.

A Jerry-rigged Pandemic

Christ is Risen, Alleluia! He is truly Risen, Alleluia, Alleluia!! It has been some time since I lasted posted a blog because I was totally absorbed in finishing my latest pamphlet called “Masonic ILLUMINISM ~ A Luciferian Revolution.” It is basically an expose concerning a master plan for world domination that has been grinding down Christianity (all too successfully) over the past three centuries. I highly recommend you read it to better understand the truly diabolical sources of what we are now witnessing in today’s world. Just e-mail me your address and I will be glad to sent it to you.

This Easter Celebration reminds one of that somber “lost” Easter we were all denied the right to celebrate just a year ago when churches around the world were shuttered. Death, instead of resurrection and life, suddenly became the prevailing theme for millions – and how foolish it all seems in retrospect. The “experts” were predicting a repeat of the Black Death; instead we witnessed a jerry-rigged pandemic, arguably virulent but no more so than the Hong Kong Flu which I well remember back in 1969. That flu, too, was fairly dangerous, but like all viral strains ultimately short lived. Continue reading

Confession: So Good for the Soul!

Confession is good for the soul, or so they say. That may be so but it also occurs to me that half the fun in committing a crime is being able to brag about it later. And so the time has come for the Left to take its bows over last November’s election. Every performer needs an audience in order to be completely fulfilled which is the spirit in which Time Magazine correspondent Molly Ball relates the back story of the shadiest election in American history. In classic “Newspeak” fashion she calls her piece, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election.”*  So much for snappy headlines!  *(Time Magazine, February 15, 2021)

The main thrust of this lengthy tome is that America’s democratic election system is so broken down that we can no longer trust citizens to simply go to the polls and make their choice. Election laws in 50 states are so fraught with built-in bias that no one can reasonably trust the process to work as it has for over 200 years. And who really needs to verify a voter’s identity, or that they live in the state in which they are voting? Such requirements are only a drag on democracy. That is why according to Ball it took “conspiracy to save the 2020 election.” Mind you, we are talking about “white hat” conspirators here: virtuous actors ready to ride to the defense of democracy so that, “every attempt to interfere with the proper outcome of the election was defeated,” quoting Ian Bassin, co-founder of Project Democracy, one among any number of Leftist advocacy groups working to save democracy. So who is to be in charge of determining a “proper outcome?” Apparently none of those deplorable, ill-informed Trump voters.

Notice how the emphasis was subtly shifted from eliminating interference in the election process to assuring a proper outcome. Voila! Ball, as spokesman for the elite media establishment, anoints groups like Project Democracy with the moral right to decide ahead of time what the proper outcome of any election ought to be, and then make certain that such an outcome is delivered. If this sounds to you vaguely a lot like Soviet style elections you get to move to the head of the class. ALL elections in Socialist paradises like Venezuela and Red China result in the proper outcome ─ 100% of the time! Surprise is a highly overrated stimulant after all.

Ms. Ball then teasingly lets the cat out of the bag just a bit more, revealing the workings of “a well funded cabal of powerful people… working behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage, and control the flow of information.” Did her readers catch all of that? I have always understood that in this country changing rules and laws is intended to be an open, public process accomplished through legislation. And isn’t media coverage supposed to be independent and unbiased, not steered by some invisible hand? Yet here she openly brags about powerful people encouraging unilateral executive and judicial actions which skirt the established rule-of-law.

Up until now, people who suggested the existence of such high level back door dealing or collusion between journalists and politicians were generally dismissed as conspiracy kooks. But suddenly conspiracy is the “in thing” ─ depending on whose conspiracy is being promoted anyway. There are virtuous conspiracies, undertaken by the Left of course, and evil Trumpian conspiracy theories: “baseless claims” which must be zealously extinguished lest they incite dangerous extremists to horrible deeds.

We now get to the real heart of the 2020 election confession, in typical “Newspeak” parlance: Time’s own backhanded way of laying guilty admissions on the table. Ball relates, “They (Project Democracy and fellow Leftist partisans) were not rigging the election, they were fortifying it.” Translated into common English this reads: “yeah, we threw the election results in several key states by “fortifying” the tally with thousands of phony ballots.” But an exculpatory rationalization immediately follows this implicit explosive admission of election rigging. “The public needs to understand the system’s fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures.”

I wish I were making this stuff up but it’s coming right off the pages of Time Magazine, a supposed paragon of journalistic truth and integrity. This is tantamount to an open confession that various Leftist groups, so concerned about the fragility of our Constitutional system, did everything possible, fair or foul, to insure the proper outcome of the 2020 Presidential election. And they feel no compunction about such fraud because, instead of subverting the election process, they were gallantly “fortifying” it against its inherent “fragility.” After all, it’s not really fraud when one is only insuring the proper outcome.

If outright theft failed, the Left was prepared to unleash another round of urban rioting on our nation because the proper outcome was not achieved. This was to be the sort of indiscriminate violence that had been occurring all summer long with hardly a word of protest from media outlets or Democrat politicians who either cheered it on or cavalierly dismissed the chaos with, “people will do those things.” Ball speaks glowingly of the Democracy Defense Coalition which created a force of “election defenders” and “activists who “began preparing to reprise the demonstrations if Trump tried to steal the election.” She boasts how “More than 150 liberal groups… from to the Democratic Socialists of America, joined the “Protect the Results” coalition… listing 400 planned post election demonstrations to be activated by text message as soon as November 4. To stop the coup they feared, the Left was ready to flood the streets,” says Ball. This is a candid admission of pre-planned nationwide “insurrection” if things didn’t go their way, two full months before the staged “false flag insurrection” at the capital.

In other words, there was a concerted and planned effort to further intimidate and terrorize society if election results were not to the liking of the Democrats. Ball passes it all off as “protecting fragile democracy.” She introduces mastermind Mike Podhorzer, who knew a full year ahead that “the election was headed for disaster ─ and determined to protect it” with hundreds of millions of dollars from various “patriots” like Facebook’s Mark Zukerberg. Most of the funds were used to alter statutory election procedures, implement mail in ballots, enable widespread ballot harvesting, and train partisan election tabulators. Podhorzer was confident. “He could tell that as long as all the votes were counted, Trump would lose.” Miraculously, despite holding significant leads at 10:00 p.m. on election night, at some time in the wee hours of the morning enough votes materialized in places like Atlanta and Detroit’s TCF Center that democracy was saved.

Ball continues, “So the word went out, stand down. “Protect the Results” announced that it would not be activating the entire national mobilization network today, but remains ready to activate it if necessary. Does that sound like a dog whistle warning judges, state legislators, even the Supreme Court that anyone daring to investigate “baseless claims” of election rigging might have to deal with serious consequences? Intimidation, or just a friendly warning? You be the judge. But if all those claims were truly baseless, investigation would surely confirm the fact. It was a perfect opportunity to debunk Trump voter fraud claims, but nobody jumped on it. Huh?

Ball relates the story in Detroit. “A busload of Republican election observers had arrived at the TCF Center, where votes were being tallied. They were crowding the vote-counting tables, refusing to wear masks, heckling the mostly black workers. Art Reyes, who leads We the People of Michigan… made his way to the arena and sent word to his network. Within 45 minutes dozens of reinforcements had arrived… they entered the arena to provide a counterweight to the GOP observers inside. Anybody who has listened to sworn testimony by many GOP observers would immediately recognize this narrative as pure fiction. First, it’s awfully hard to “crowd vote-counting tables” from a distance of 30 or 60 feet which is as close as Republican observers were allowed to get. Many were either denied entry outright or summarily escorted out for asking questions even though they were credentialed to be on the floor. And if credentials were required, how is it that un-credentialed “reinforcements” from Art Reyes’ network gained admittance to the arena when credentialed Republican observers were routinely being denied admittance?

These are the sorts of questions investigative journalists are paid to ask. Is Ball suggesting that the few Republican observers who actually got in the door were inherent racists with nothing better to do than heckle black workers from a distance of 60 feet? One such observer who testified under oath about apparent irregularities was herself a black Republican woman. She was later threatened with physical harm for having the temerity to speak up. The silliness of the whole report was graphically illustrated by an accompanying photo showing dozens of Republican observers, obviously packed and cordoned behind a glass wall in a lobby area ─ locked out from the actual arena floor. A ludicrous caption reads: “Trump supporters seek to disrupt the vote count at TCF Center.” How one could effectively disrupt a game of jacks from behind a full ceiling-height barricade is anybody’s guess.

But poll observers were not the only ones being pressured. Ball relates that on November 17 “activists flooded the Wayne County canvassing board certification meeting to certify the Detroit vote.” She freely admits, “Election boards were one pressure point; another was GOP controlled legislatures.” Why then, if your candidate has apparently won and any questions of irregularity amount to “baseless claims” was there such an extraordinary need to flood the chambers over a routine certification? “Me thinks thou doth protest too much,” observed Shakespeare. Like Rodya Raskolnikov in Dostoevsky’s classic novel Crime and Punishment, there seems to be a subconscious need to confess one’s crimes. Ms. Ball is apparently the Left’s chosen instrument for making a public general confession of election theft. Of course any disclosure must be opaque enough to sustain plausible deniability, and yet clear enough to be constructively interpreted as an admission of guilt. Catharsis achieved, we can then all move on.

In the end, Ball indulges in a lot of congratulatory back patting. “I heard different claims about who should get the credit for thwarting Trump’s plot… Democracy won in the end.” Is this not an inverted admission that it was not the electorate who thwarted Donald Trump but a “well funded cabal of powerful people?” And who are the real plotters here? In classic Freudian fashion the perpetrators exhibit a psychological need to project their own “plottings” onto the victim. One’s own sins demand a scapegoat, in this case Donald Trump. So, even after the crime is successfully executed, the Left can’t seem to let up. As an encore they drum up a sham impeachment trial for a president no longer holding office. We are witnessing a historical deja vu moment, reminiscent of that macabre ritual when a dead medieval Pope was exhumed and put on trial in order to be posthumously deposed. This current climate reveals just how twisted the human mind can become, and we are witnessing some very twisted political theater these days.

Ironically, there is both much truth and yet precious little truth in Ms. Ball’s bizarre telling of an even more bizarre conspiracy. She seems to want badly to reveal just enough to titillate without upturning the apple cart entirely. Her task is a deft balancing act, blending deception and honesty in just the right proportions to prevent the cake from falling. She does make one truthful observation, however, although in a sense which she obviously did not intend it. Her own words have turned on her, probably without her realizing it. “There is an impulse for some to say voters decided and democracy won. But it is a mistake to think that this election cycle was a show of strength for democracy. It shows how vulnerable democracy is.” Truth does have a way of peeking its head out through the cracks of deception, we only have to know where to look for it.

Francis J. Pierson     +a.m.d.g.

Living With the “Truth Fairy”

I bumped into my old neighbor the other day in a Safeway parking lot. It was quite by accident that I recognized her at all, decked out in a hazmat coat, surgical gloves on her hands, and sporting a tent-sized mask draped over two thirds of her face. Emblazoned on this facial banner was a gasping coiled serpent with the inscription, “Don’t Breathe on Me!” Had she not been unlocking the door of her distinctive ’88 Volvo, so plastered in environmental stickers that the rear end nearly dragged on pavement, I never would have known it was Sally.

“Hello, Sally,” I hollered. “It’s been a long time.”

Her response was somewhat muffled but I could make out something about hiding out in her basement. She appeared nervous that I might approach within an imaginary 12 foot perimeter so I stationed myself a car length away which seemed to relieve her immensely. “So how are Tom and the kids,” I spoke extra loud to bridge the distance.

“I couldn’t actually say,” she retorted. “I had them move into a motel room when school started, out of safety concerns. We do a lot of Face-time. It’s just better that way.” Continue reading

Advent, Four Weeks to Prepare

“Be very careful. People wearing masks cannot be trusted.” Fezzik the giant, The Princess Bride

Humorous statements often contain a big grain of truth. And so I would like to conclude this most bizarre year in recent memory on a high note by reminding all why we are on this earth in the first place (and it’s not to make ourselves “safe” from germs). We have hopefully been observing Advent over the past four weeks to prepare, interiorly as well as exteriorly, for the coming of the Lamb of God who alone is able to bind up our wounds, but more importantly to remove the stain of our sins.

There is deep symbolism in those four weeks of waiting, anticipating, and watching for the dawn of our salvation. Those weeks may be said to represent the four epochs of human history which heralded the appearance of Christ, the Savior of mankind. Continue reading

Knowledge – a poor substitute for Truth

How is your “truth meter” doing these days? Do you feel like it may need a bit of re-calibration after a year of being dragged through a baseless impeachment, questionable health crisis, and disturbing irregularities in a presidential election? “Don’t get excited,” because the media assures us that it’s all for the good (“Nothing behind that curtain!”). We are quickly becoming a society that has lost its appetite for the truth; content to apathetically look the other way regardless of of any egregious outrage unwinding under our very noses.Has a half century of legalized abortion deadened our communal conscience so completely to seeing the truth? I would say that our “truth meters” have been desensitized to the point off accepting any proffered illusion as a verifiable truth.

Perhaps the problem is that Americans by and large have too long accustomed themselves to equating knowledge with truth, with hardly distinction drawn between them. Living in a science driven culture it becomes easy, and all to common, for us to make this mental switch. But in fact, there are many different kinds of knowledge, not all of them true. There is the knowledge of the trickster which is meant to deceive, create illusions, or even cheat others. The job of a propagandist is to make us believe some version of events or reality that may not be quite objective or accurate. For if truth itself were self-evident there would be little demand for rhetoric or the art of propaganda. Bread lines would be swollen with journalists and lawyers. Continue reading

Prohibition ~ 2020 Style

In January of 1920 the United States embarked upon the most radical social experiment in the nation’s history: Prohibition. Despite the assurances of progressives that the outlawing of alcohol would resolve a great many of society’s problems, just the opposite occurred. Formerly law abiding citizens undertook to engage in now criminal activities. Gangland power and influence corrupted local and even state governments. Bloody turf wars erupted in American cities as organized crime grew and prospered, fed by the millions made from the illicit liquor profits that steadily poured into their coffers. By 1933 Americans had enough and repealed the anti-saloon amendment which had not reformed society but instead led it deeper into social chaos.

A century later, in March of 2020, history doubled down on its previous mistakes, embarking on a new social experiment more radical and far reaching than Prohibition. But this time around the experiment was implemented on a global scale: the lock-down not of one single activity but of the greater part of the world’s economic life. The pretext for such draconian measures was said to be public health – a far broader and more vague rationale than the curbing of public drinking had been back in 1920. Like Prohibition of old, this new Prohibition of any and all social interaction, enforced by de facto “house arrest” superimposed on entire populations, has produced destructive secondary effects entirely out of proportion to the supposed health threat. While the intensity and severity of those lock-downs has varied from country to country and even state to state, their cumulative effect has been appalling.

Suicides, depression, drug abuse, divorce, unemployment have all soared to record levels. The UN recently estimated that an additional 130 million people will die of starvation this year alone because of the vast economic disruptions caused by global reactions to the Covid-19 virus! That represents a 100:1 ratio of deaths related to lock-downs compared to deaths related to Covid. Is this what we now consider to be a rational response to a viral infection whose case fatality rate of approximately 0.15% is similar to that of the common flu?

The new Prohibition experiment has had other injurious effects as well, such as the social disruption stemming from millions of students and young people locked out of classrooms and denied normal social interactions. All that pent up energy and frustration is bound to be released somehow. Do not be surprised when it leads to social media induced street rioting, smashing and burning public and private property over some incident of alleged police misconduct. No longer must these young cynical vigilantes, impatient with any form of legal due process, wait for investigators to sort out the facts. A three second clip on facebook is all the encouragement they need to go on an anarchist rampage, even if that video originated four states away from where they happen to reside.

Take away their classrooms, their sports programs, and their routine activities; confine them to their basements where their only contact with reality is a digital screen; pump them full of media hype to fan inordinate mortal fear over a virus which barely registers in their age group and you have created a volatile emotional cocktail for these young and inexperienced people. Such unrelieved angst combined with already raging hormones and youthful exuberance may well produce a powerful sense of social alienation, despondency, and explosive anger. Some will turn to drugs or alcohol, others will contemplate suicide or pour out into the streets like raging animals: a mob aimed in no particular direction but that of authority in general. I witnessed this very phenomena close up in my own city recently and it is a frightening specter.

The old truism that civilization is but a thin veneer separating us from the jungle is proving itself before our very eyes. Sometimes it takes very little provocation to strip away that veneer. Is this radical social experiment now being carried out by public health and governmental authorities meant to test the breaking point of their people or to protect them from a supposedly “dangerous” virus? As such I am becoming increasingly skeptical of the true motives driving our leadership class’ handling of the crisis.

Just as the first Prohibition experiment failed miserably to accomplish its stated goals, the moral improvement of society, so this new Prohibition 2020 is looking more like an unmitigated disaster than a public health initiative. The reality is that more and more people are dying of untreated cancers, diabetes, heart disease, etc., not to mention widespread abuse and self-inflicted harms resulting from severe emotional stress and economic dislocation. Millions of our elderly are being locked up in prison-like conditions, denied access even to their own families. I ask you, is their emotional well being somehow less important than their physical condition? Or is the money generated for those care facilities the real motive behind detaining these unfortunate inmates under lock and key?

As health policy this new Prohibition 2020 strategy is failing badly, but as social engineering it seems to be exceeding all expectations, certainly if one’s intent is to undermine the democratic process. Remember Prohibition #1 was enacted by the popular will of the people. Prohibition #2 was imposed at the behest of unelected “experts” and Big Tech media oligarchs from the top down, without the least semblance of legislative authority.

This leads us to the final, and perhaps originally intended, consequence of Prohibition 2020. After disseminating a fraudulent pandemic on an unsuspecting public, is it surprising that the same “deep state” political and media elites are now foisting a massive electoral fraud on the same unsuspecting public? After all, we passively accepted the scripted media narrative about the manifest dangers of Covid, even after widespread medical evidence has emerged (though barely publicized) to deflate that narrative. Still, people religiously don their face masks, even when driving alone in their own cars!

If that first deception could so easily be pawned off as “science” why not characterize middle of the night ballot dumps or secretive and irregular vote tabulations during a key presidential election as “open, free, and fair” democracy? It seems that Big Tech companies and their allied media pals have colluded to set themselves up as the real kingmakers. Who needs voters when you have “experts?” Elections become a mere formality. It’s all part of the Prohibition 2020 experiment. But as I remember history, one of the more deleterious results of the 1920 Prohibition experiment was the corrupting of the electoral process and public officials by gangland bosses grown rich on illicit profits. The new bosses are now tech bosses grown rich at the expense of small mom and pop businesses which they have ruthlessly driven into near extinction, even more so since the lock-downs, rioting, and general induced fear takes more and more of their former customers off the streets.

Prohibition 2020 has proved to be a very successful venture both in social engineering as well as a money and power grabbing operation by ruling oligarchs and the unsavory, self-serving politicians in their pockets. And now, if they get away with blatant electoral larceny, beware what cometh this January 20, because you ain’t seen nothing yet! We human guinea pigs may end up envying the common lab rats. And so, as you cover up your face to leave the house just think of all those folks on the left also busy covering up… the truth. As Mark Twain once quipped, “History may not repeat itself, but it sure bears a strong (and in this case putrid) resemblance.”

Francis J. Pierson a.m.d.g.

Relativism vs. the Future?

I have just published a new book called Letters to Sophie. This is a short (116 pages) easy to read tract containing 24 chapters, or “letters” addressed to a young woman living at some time in the future. The sub-title explains the book’s basic premise: Why God should matter in an age of deconstruction. Sophie, in her childlike innocence, knows nothing of those conflicts today which will inevitably form her future world and its ideologies. So how would you explain to this young woman of tomorrow the current battle for the soul of Western culture?

Th modern age has been a truly epic contest between the traditional values of Christianity and that creeping materialistic naturalism exemplified by Relativism. To date the relativists have consistently taken the offensive in the struggle while Christians by and large have been content to play defense. And while defense is an important element in any strategy, it doesn’t generally win wars or football games. Whether we like to admit it or not, the 21st century reality is that Christianity has already effectively lost the culture war, which might also explain why we now find ourselves in such a precarious political situation. What we are now seeing is simply the enemy’s “mopping up” operations. Continue reading

Which is the Real Threat?

Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing the beaming, Godlike faces of young chidren being smothered under all those ubiquitous, loathesome masks. For even as vandals senselessly deface our historic monuments, parents and schools are actively defacing their own children, made in God’s own image, under the slimmest pretext of a viral threat. So perhaps one of the questions we should be asking today is this: “What constitutes a real threat?”

Growing up in the 1960s I well remember the threat of nuclear annihilation by the Soviets as our greatest fear. Yet in spite of that looming apocalyptic prospect, life still went on in its regular rhythm. Kids played, dinner bells rang, and we still had to get tomorrow’s homework done. The threat to world peace, though very real, was not an excuse to overturn one’s everyday existence. Society still functioned in its normal channels. Continue reading

Battling the Paper Dragon

If you’ve ever seen pictures of a Chinese festival you no doubt recall those huge dragons which can snake for several blocks as they wind through city streets. A closer look reveals hundreds of human feet underneath which propel the paper dragon along its course. (Sure, I know it’s really silk but we live in “virtual” times.) The people belonging to those feet remain hidden and anonymous so that all the spectators and frightened children see only see the dragon’s ferocious features.

The world today is being treated to another kind of paper dragon in the form of a coronavirus pandemic. This dragon is being contorted, manipulated, and directed by an unseen hoard of faceless bureaucrats and journalists whose sole aim seems to be capitalizing on the public’s fear and panic. Accompanying them is an administrative deep state which has by now become so entrenched that political leaders unquestioningly impose whatever draconian measures these mysterious figures may demand. It seems utterly surreal to watch formerly free societies buckle under their arbitrary, and often harmful, diktats like a bunch of new recruits in boot camp. Somehow I must have blinked when we adopted the North Korean rule of law but here we are, six months into a global boot camp with no end in sight. Continue reading