Remembering TWA Flight 800

Today, July 17th, is a somber anniversary of the demise of TWA Flight 800 which 25 years ago today burst into flames and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Long Island, New York. Mystery continues to shroud that tragic event primarily because our own government agencies charged with the investigation have for decades shamelessly stonewalled and lied to the very people they ostensibly serve. Just coincidentally, on that same July 17, 1996 our navy was conducting secret submarine exercises in the same vicinity. Dozens of eyewitnesses on shore as well as at least one pilot flying by all reported seeing an rapid orange streak rising from the water which then intercepted Flight 800 followed immediately by a huge fireball. Was this a sub-launched missile that somehow went awry?

Immediately after that mid air explosion at +13,000 feet altitude, land based radar detected some unknown object racing away from the scene at 30 plus knots. The 747 jetliner with 230 passengers and crew broke apart and plummeted into the Atlantic. No one survived. A months long salvage operation along the sea floor yielded countless pieces of wreckage along with all 230 bodies. Initial testing by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) charged with the investigation discovered nitrates and various explosive residues on many of the recovered shards. The most damning evidence was a spray pattern of these residues across the outer surface of the center wing fuel tank. Even though the tank itself had split open the spray pattern on either side of the rupture was neatly aligned, meaning that the residue was already in place before the tank had actually ruptured.

Keep this vital fact in mind as the official NTSB report on the crash was finally released some years later. Their conclusion was that the plane had exploded when a fuel pump inside the center wing tank had caused a spark which ignited the fuel. According to friends of mine who are veteran retired airline pilots this explanation made absolutely no sense. Aside from the fact that the NTSB never adequately explained such an improbable event nor found any irregularity with the suspect fuel pump, an explosion originating inside the fuel tank could not possibly leave a residue pattern on the outside of the same tank. It’s physically impossible. Nor would it leave traces of nitrates and other explosives!

Besides offering this logic defying explanation as the cause of the crash, the NTSB investigation then failed to question the scores of eyewitnesses who observed the event from various vantage points along the coastline, making it possible to pinpoint the exact location of the streaking orange projectile and its point of impact with Flight 800. You will doubtless be shocked to learn at this point that, early on, the FBI and CIA had both interjected themselves into the inquiry, basically hijacking control (illegally) of the investigation away from the NTSB. It seems that a military exercise gone wrong resulting in the shooting down a civilian airliner would prove extremely embarrassing to the Clinton White House only months before a re-election bid. And so the CIA squashed any eyewitness testimony, essentially dictating the outcome of any investigation well before all the evidence had been collected. The FBI also swung into action to publicly discredit any eyewitnesses who had the temerity to be interviewed on news channels as delusional, unreliable, or just plain drunks. And to this day the official story remains that a fuel pump malfunction caused the demise of Flight 800. Another classic tale of Federal inter-agency collusion and cover-up. And if you dare doubt their fictional narrative you are just a crazy conspiracy kook, because everyone knows our government has been squeaky clean ever since they learned the hard lessons of Watergate.

Yet for those of us in the real world, this tragic but all too familiar kind of tale has increasingly become the modus operandi of modern rogue government institutions. Authorities these days seem to operate on the principle that telling the truth is optional – and every inconvenient truth needs to be suppressed, surreptitiously if possible, violently if necessary. The new normal is that governments have the right to indiscriminately lie to their people because, of course, the ends always justify the means. The ends, of course, meaning the interests of whomever happens to be in power at the moment.

We are thus now living in a culture of administrative duplicity encouraged and enabled by a self-serving insider media establishment which plays comfortably along with corporate and government power brokers to peddle such narrative “whoppers” as Benghazi, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Russian collusion, a squeaky clean 2020 election, dangerous geriatric insurrectionists, and a virus so deadly that you have to be tested to even know if you have it. One commentator has called Anthony Fauci the J. Edgar Hoover of public health. This is a man who consistently talks out of both sides of his mouth; a bureaucratic lifer who was given the power to lock down (and cripple) the world’s largest, most prosperous economy.

But it is not just in “tailoring” the truth to fit a narrative but in the actual administration of justice that we have seen how the demise of truth among public officials impacts real lives. Equal protection and equal justice under the law have likewise become more illusory than real. Consider an FBI that can’t seem to locate any evidence of illegal influence peddling or financial corruption on Hunter Biden’s laptop after two years of critical examination. Yet the same agency has devoted unbelievable amounts of energy to hunting down retirement age trespassers deemed “insurrectionists,” scattered around the country, who it fears might bring down the government. Hundreds of such persons are now being confined, some for months on end, in a special jail and even disallowed bail because they were waved through an open door by Capitol police on January 6. Rioters and arsonists in places like Portland and Minneapolis, meanwhile, are given a free pass to continue their work of mayhem, because a crime in the New Order isn’t about what you do but how you think.

The big question is this. Can a government that shows such disregard for the truth and at the same time contempt for its citizens be trusted? How well did it serve the people on Flight 800 or their families? Lessons that we need to ponder on this sobering 25th anniversary of a tragedy that never should have occurred, but that at least we have the right to know the truth about. We are, alas, moving further away from rather than closer to transparency. We are truly at a crossroads where freedom and truth will either prevail or disappear altogether. Columnist Mark Steyn advocates resistance, not compromise, however when he states, “Unless you’re prepared to surrender everything, don’t surrender anything.” Amen!

On a happier note, a new feature was recently added to this blog. You may have noticed a new Blog Index tab which highlights the titles of some 115 posts by the year, and gives you direct access to all those posts. Simply click on any title that interests you. I hope this makes Abiding Truth more useful and easier to use. I have also digitally published my popular essay on Masonic Illuminism – a Luciferian Revolution under a separate tab called Illuminism Tracts. Please feel free to share this important expose with friends and family. The past six years has truly flown by and so I thank you for your readership.

God bless, Fran Pierson +a.m.d.g.

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