Believe what is True; Understand what you Believe

Welcome to Abiding Truth ~ Dwelling Among Us. Given that we were all made to discover the truth, “what is your truth?” Better yet, if you could actually talk to God on Twitter or Facebook, what would you ask Him? And since God, who is absolute truth, cannot lie, what do you imagine he might say to you?

For many people today, truth has been rendered as something subjective, not absolute. This means that there are many competing ideas floating around out there ─ all claiming to be true. Such a confusing “diversity of truths” can lead one to quit searching altogether and simply substitute “my truth” for “The truth.” Yet, in time, subjective truths only get more and more tangled up with various “isms” (socialism, feminism, fundamentalism, hedonism, to name only a few), and people simply end up mired in a mental swamp full of contending “isms” without a boat or compass. Very frustrating.

Though many do not fully realize it, we are all desperately searching for the God of Truth; too often in all the wrong places. Yet perhaps it is really God who is seeking us out, even at those times when we are too absorbed in our own plans to notice his calling. In order to hear God we must disconnect from the usual social media sites and log into His own special chat-room, to which one can navigate only by way of faith. Truth, after all, is approached most directly through the medium of faith.

Truth is not something simplistic. It is profound and mysteriously complex, similar to the world of science where the more one discovers the more mystery one finds. Better yet, Truth is like a beautiful woman to whom you are irresistibly attracted. Try as you might to figure her out, she will only drive you crazy. You may never completely solve the mystery of her and yet your life will never again be the same for having known her. That sums up our relationship with the God of Truth ─ the God who is Truth. Remember, it was God’s own Son who proclaimed, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

Join us in the months ahead as we probe that sublime mystery of Truth in all its many facets. Hopefully, the Abiding Truth ~ Dwelling Among Us will change your life, forever.

Francis J. Pierson
.     ┼

The banner depicted above symbolizes Nature, Faith, and Reason harmoniously bound together. Human happiness demands that we strike the right balance among these vital supports which both underpin and direct us to the Truth. Each is like a table leg which steadies the other two. Cut off any two, or even a single leg, and the whole table will immediately collapse. But working in unison they confer unwavering truth.

9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you Fran…I look forward to reading more. I’m afraid I have created some of my own truths. I feel God seeking me out but I am somewhat lost on how to respond.


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